Looks Like Biden Lost CNN, Doesn’t Get Lower Than That


CNN on Thursday spent an entire segment discussing Joe Biden’s “terrible, terrible” polling. His economic ratings are “worse than Jimmy Carter’s,” said the senior digital reporter. It’s shocking since they rarely tell the truth if it makes their side look bad.

Host John Berman did try to say it was worse in the Carter era, but not really, not when you look at the rising crime, open borders, intrusion on peoples’ freedoms and constitutional rights, attacks on law enforcement, gender and CRT lunacy, corrupt media, the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan and then lying about it, weakness with our enemies, and more.

“Just how bad is it?” Berman asked senior data reporter Harry Enten.

“Terrible,” Enten replied, before pointing to Biden’s net approval rating.

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Sad Trombone Christmas Extravaganza
Sad Trombone Christmas Extravaganza
1 year ago

They got the Big Steal they wanted, why no joy in Mudville?
Bad Orange man gone didn’t fill that hole in the soul!

1 year ago

The only one with a lower approval rating than Traitor Joe and Heels Up Harris is CNN.