Ex-US DOD Describes Serious Problems with Russian Vehicles


This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

~ Winston Churchill at a mayor’s luncheon

Trent Telenko spent 10 years as an Army vehicle auditor in the Defense Department in Sealy, Texas. He inspected military vehicles damaged in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, providing him with the background to comment on the Russian vehicles and the slow progress in Ukraine.

In early March, Telenko spotted a social media photograph of a Russian Pantsir-S1 missile system located near the Ukrainian city of Kherson. The tires immediately stood out to him.

The tires were cheap, low-quality, Chinese tires, not adequate to support the weight of the Pantsir-S1, he says.

In a thread that caught the attention of thousands on Twitter, Telenko identified widespread Russian neglect of the entire fleet.

They are gradually destroying their truck fleet which means it’s the eventual end of the supply line.

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1 year ago

Smart Military Generals send in their “junk” so opposing forces waste high end resources on the “Junk”. Wasting an anti-tank missile on a lightly armored vehicle with used tires is what you want your enemy to do. I may be giving too much credit to Russian Generals, but I doubt it. When we went into Afghanistan in the early days of the war we sent a lot of junk left over from Gulf War I. Trust me the release of just one Hypersonic missile has the Western Generals changing their “Brown” pants because Russia has small nuclear tips to put on them. We don’t have reliable defenses against these missiles. Russia does have leading edge Military Technology and trying to tell Americans that don’t is extremely dangerous because the Politicians may start to believe that propaganda too.

Remember, Most Politicians aren’t that smart, they just lie convincingly well. After Russia achieves its objectives in destroying Ukraine Military, Nuclear, and Bio-Lab assets they may just pull out and let Russian Loyalist finish off the Ukraine Government in a prolonged Civil War. In any case, Volodymyr Zelenskyy will leave his country a waste land that the West will probably spend Trillions trying to rebuild. China has already achieved it’s objective in further eroding the USD as the World Reserve Currency. If China moves on Taiwan the USD will collapse. Having a demented fool as President is far more dangerous than Putin.

Chessmaster vs Checker Kings
Chessmaster vs Checker Kings
1 year ago

Breaking-1 Hour Ago-Putin says that “non-friendly” countries will have to pay for gas in rubles.
Let the drooling hive dullards go all in on the vodka man bad big dumb Ivan agitprop.

Earl Makes Good Commies
Earl Makes Good Commies
1 year ago

They are saving the good stuff for the Big Battle with NATO and the west.
The Sukhoi planes are not MIC no go showboats and the Armada tank is formidable.
The Doomsday Boomer subs can pull up at any time off the coasts of Chiquitastan and deliver some Fundamental Transformation at 7500 degrees.
Where are our hypersonic missiles or are those a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy?
Ukraine would probably be partitioned but the west and Pied Piper Zelensky need WWIII because Schwab has ordered it and it is must have.
Trump says Putin likes to throw around the n-word, nuclear, which means that he has his nuclear rifle loaded and aimed as he feels ZERO love for useless faculty lounge idiots who want to see America burned to the ground and transformed into Wakanda.