‘Expert’ who sent $1.8 billion to Iran says Trump doesn’t know anything


Brett McGurk is a former American diplomat who served in senior national security positions under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and, as a holdover under President Donald Trump. Most recently, he was the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL.

He’s the new MSM ‘expert’ on Syria who told conspiracy nut, Rachel Maddow, that he doesn’t  “say this lightly,” but the President “doesn’t know what he’s doing or talking about.”

He’s been running the circuit with the same message, getting accolades from the Beltway uni-party.

McGurk wants us to get into the middle of an ancient war and put our soldiers in harm’s way for a losing proposition. If the President follows that advice and increases the numbers of soldiers on the ground to get killed after promising to do the opposite, the impeachment won’t be necessary.

Here’s some info for you McGurk, we don’t want to stay in Syria!


As the President reminds us, he is the dummkopf who sent $1.8 billion in cash and gold to terror-sponsors Iran on an Iranian Revolutionary Guard plane under cover of darkness. The funds we gave them — their frozen assets in part — were being kept aside to settle lawsuits by families of victims of Iran attacks.

After we were nice enough to fund them, they threatened to rain missiles down upon us.


The administration gave cash and gold to the largest sponsors of terror in the world who need liquid money to fund their terror activities. John Kerry admitted he knew some of the money would be used for terror.

We are just now seeing some of the damage from the Iran Nuke deal these lunatics in D.C. bought into. The embargo ends in a year and that’s when Russia and China can sell Iran’s arms. It’s when Iran can sell weapons to anyone. Iran has promised to destroy Israel, the U.K., and the U.S.


The embargo ends in 2020 when the election comes up. Does anyone think Obama and McGurk are Russian assets, Red China assets, and Iran assets? It looks very suspicious to us.

You would think Hillary would have noticed this. She’s so up on Russian asset spottings.

McGurk was loading up the planes so he’s a Russian-Red China-Iran asset too.


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