Explained: Google Could Manipulate 15 Million Votes in 2020


This morning, The Hill announced that nearly all 50 state Attorneys General launched an antitrust investigation into Google. It’s a broad legal challenge into the company’s dominance. The investigation is led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. They are turning up the pressure on Silicon Valley, which is unquestionably very powerful. Both left and right have deep concerns about privacy and censorship in particular.

If you watched Life, Liberty, & Levin last night, you heard a detailed account by Dr. Richard Epstein, a Democrat, on how Google has been swinging votes in the last two national elections and could, probably will, swing up to 15 million votes in 2020.

Dr. Epstein is a Senior Research Psychologist for the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology who is monitoring Google’s alleged deceitful marketing practices aimed at swinging the election to the Democrat candidates in 2020. His credentials and education are impressive.

Epstein says that Google is targeting its search engine to favor the left. As part of a study, he followed three staunchly Republican districts in Orange County, California in 2018 and measured significant bias in Google but not the other search engines. It could have accounted for the districts flipping. This technique could affect 78 million votes across all the elections if used across the board in 2020.

The messages are subliminal and the bias can’t be seen, Dr. Epstein warns. Some of the messages are ephemeral and powerful manipulators that steer us into the direction they want us to go. They are like popups that are short-lived and soon disappear.

Hillary Clinton has tweeted that his claims have been debunked but that is not true. The Soros-funded publication Mother Jones did their share of trashing Dr. Epstein. They wrote:

This is old stuff that Trump is just catching up to, for some reason. The nickel version is that several years ago celebrity psychologist Robert Epstein got into a tiff with Google in which he turned out to be embarrassingly in the wrong. Ever since then Epstein has been gunning for Google, and prior to the 2016 election, he claimed that they were deliberately manipulating search results in a way that favored Hillary Clinton.

Mother Jones then goes into Epstein’s conclusion on a recent study that mainstream outlets, including the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, dominated the Google search results. By contrast, searches conducted on Yahoo and Bing more often showcased links from deeply conservative outfits such as Breitbart.

The Mother Jones complaint is: You read that right: Epstein thinks Google’s algorithms are biased because they give too much weight to mainstream news outlets and too little to folks like Breitbart.

Normally, we might agree with Mother Jones but the variable here is the mainstream is publishing fake news out of hatred for the President and his agenda. They pick on him non-stop. And, while the conservative outlets have their own failings, they give another perspective and different information. If Google only focuses on the mainstream news, it is going to shut out right-wing opinion.

Be as it may, subtle manipulation is real, not a conspiracy theory, and you combine that with all these tech giants know about each of us, there is a danger here.

These tech companies are monopolies and are led by people of the left who no longer believe in free speech, at least not for people on the right.

Be on the alert with Google and Facebook. It would be easy for them to set up deceitful election marketing practices, and even if the top management isn’t doing it, it would be easy for a handful of engineers to change the way we think about a candidate.

We use Duck Duck Go and Bing without incident.


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