Explosive Email: Bank Investigator Flagged Hunter’s China Deal – “High Risk”


The Oversight Committee has another bombshell email from 2018 in which the bank investigator flagged Hunter Biden’s $5,000,000 China loan. The investigator says they must reconsider the relationship with the customer, Robert Hunter Biden.

The bank investigator raised concerns about money from China that ultimately funded a $40,000 payment to Joe Biden.

The bank’s money laundering investigator found the payments were erratic, and no obvious services were rendered. And it came from China.

The Email Reads:

Emphasis Added

We have been monitoring the subject customer due to the PEP designation, and observations on the account activity as well as recent negative news indicate this entity to be high risk.

Since the initial funding of $5,000,000.00 from Northern international Capital Holdings (HK) Limited on 08/08/17 as a business loan, it was noted that there was no loan agreement document submitted. The funds in the account have primarily funded 16 wires ranging from $157,494.90 to $400,000 totaling $2,915,375.25 to redacted CLEARING SERVICES LLC (Further credit Owasco PC – Law Firm in D.C.). These payments were indicated as management fees and reimbursements. We find it unusual that approximately 58% of the funds were transferred to the law firm in a few months and the frequency of payments appears erratic. It was also previously indicated that the HUDSON WEST III LLC does not currently have any investment projects at this time, which raises further concerns as millions and fees are being paid, but does not appear to have any services rendered by Owasco PC. Furthermore, there has been negative review news regarding the beneficial owner of Wasco, PC. Robert Hunter Biden (son OF former US Vice President – Joe Biden) regarding allegations by his ex-wife that there were financial concerns about his extravagant spending on his own interests (drugs, strip clubs, prostitutes, etc.) which may put his family in a deep financial hole. More recent negative news indicates China targeting children of politicians and purchase of political influence through “sweetheart deals”. Specifically, Hunter Biden’s $1.5 billion dollar deal with the Chinese–state to establish a private–equity firm, in which they manage the funds over time and make huge fees. The management companies purpose is to invest in companies that benefit Chinese government. Thus, the activity on the account appears unusual with no current business purpose and along with the recent negative news (along with the negative news regarding Dr. Patrick Ho Chi Ping’s trial in the below email) may require reevaluation of redacted relationship with the customer. For your comment.

It backs up everything the Committee has said about the family’s crooked dealings. Everything the Committee found is a so-called loan – that’s tax evasion in itself. The bank realized it wasn’t a loan, and the family used shell companies. Hunter took 58% of the loan for fees. The $40,000 that ended up with Joe Biden came from this deal.

Joe Biden is a criminal.

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2 months ago

Seems media has green light to report the bad stuff on Biden. Next left media will join right to encourage impeachment!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago
Reply to  Papa

Rats deserting a sinking shop!!!