Extremists in Mass want to ban sale & distribution of all balloons


colorful balloons on a blue sky background

A new bill was introduced into the statehouse of Massachusetts that will ban the sale and distribution of all balloons, Mass Live reports. The extreme environmentalists claim the balloons fall to earth and kill off turtles and birds.

These are the same people who don’t care about all the dead birds killed by windmills and solar farms.

They plan to obliterate all plastic from the earth. Anything necessary or fun will be gone thanks to these people and there will be no end to their demands.

No more kids’ parties with balloons, no parades with Big Balloons on Thanksgiving, and it will put a real crimp in mom & pop party store sales. It takes away spirit.

Bill Rennie, vice president of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts told the newspaper, “We are opposed to the legislation. If the issue is about the environment, the legislation should be focused on that rather than just outright banning the balloon itself.”

Just wondering, did they present evidence of these bird and turtle deaths?

According to CBS Boston, several state communities, such as Nantucket and Orleans, are debating or have enacted their own take on a balloon ban.

Living under the rule of these extremists will be very dark and dreary. They have to control everything and butt into everything.

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