FAA: Pilot Can Fly with Potentially Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis


Upon news of yet another pilot dying suddenly right before the flight, we find that the Federal Aviation Administration, in a letter to a pilot, who has been diagnosed with myocarditis, admits Myocarditis can be vaccine-induced. And they’re letting him fly.

Read the letter.

The Federal Aviation Administration changed the EKG parameter range– EKGs that would have been out of range before the pandemic. Now problems such as Myocarditis are totally acceptable. 

We didn’t know what the regulators thought or were doing until he produced this letter.

This letter shows that the FAA is aware of vaccine-induced Myocarditis and is also allowing the pilot to fly. He is approved for a first-class medical certificate, the highest class of medical certificates required to be the “pilot in command.”

Would you want to be on his plane?

Pilots Are Dying Suddenly

Passengers on a recent British Airways flight from Cairo to Heathrow Airport in London narrowly escaped mass tragedy when the captain suddenly collapsed and died just before the flight.

He was preparing to leave the crew’s hotel for the airport when he suffered a sudden heart attack. Colleagues performed CPR but were unable to save him, The Sun reported Saturday.

“It has rocked BA,” a source told The Sun. “It doesn’t bear imagining if he had suffered a heart attack at 30,000 ft.”

Last month, Frontline News reported that a UK pilot whose instructor died suddenly mid-flight thought the older pilot was pulling a prank.

He didn’t know he was dying.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

The proofs just keep coming that so many operatives in the Biden administration are either mindless fools or hate their fellow citizens. These people are dangerous parasites. They are sucking up our tax dollars and then acting against our interests.
The Republicans should have cleaned up last elections but two things got in the way: Stupid moves by some of the Republican leaders; Obviously stolen elections.
2020 hardly anyone showed up for Biden, masses for Trump, 2022 Lake’s popularity was clear over an opponent who hardly campaigned. He opponent must have already known the election would be stolen.
Study the injustices of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the warnings of the prophets, then the cruel end in 722B.C.
Those who fail to study and understand history are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past.