Harvard & Pentagon: There “Could Be” a Mothership Watching Us


Pentagon officials and Harvard issued a new report claiming that there could be an Alien Mothership flying around, and it is likely already “in orbit,” sending probes to Earth.

The report is a draft paper by a Harvard researcher and a Pentagon official. Watch NBC News as the researcher says it “could be.,” and “could have been.”

The Mothership theory is only based on the objects we’ve seen in the sky lately. This astronomer lost credibility when he said, “I think it is very likely we are the most intelligent civilization that ever existed.” If that’s true, the universe is in trouble. Meanwhile, he’s saying there’s a Mothership visiting us, something we can’t do, making them more intelligent than we are.

We don’t know the motives for this extremely premature paper, but we view it as a distraction from the wars on our doorstep, our open borders, and our failing economy, thanks to a lying fool in the Oval Office with unelected people telling him what to do.

When I took flying lessons, I was amazed at all the things up in the sky that don’t belong there, from balloons, to homemade crafts, and who knows what else. Who knows what might be watching, but we need more evidence than this while our country implodes with horrendous leadership.

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