News Flash! Charles Schwab Only Has $9.9 Billion Left


Charles Schwab’s fortune has gone down considerably after SVB’s collapse. No American billionaire lost more than he did in 2023. Ahh…Charles needs to become less WOKE.

“According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which monitors the real-time wealth of the richest people on earth, Schwab has personally lost around $3 billion in the wake of SVB’s failure,” reports Yahoo.

Charles Schwab Corp.

Yahoo reports, Charles, “who founded discount brokerage Charles Schwab Corp. in 1971, now has a net worth of $9.99 billion, according to Bloomberg’s estimates, making him the 183rd wealthiest person in the world.

“The Bloomberg Billionaires Index shows that Charles’s fortune fell by 7.7% on Monday thanks to the brokerage’s tumbling share price—a personal loss of $828 million.”

He had a big stake in SVB, the Silicon Valley Bank for billionaires. Don’t worry; Biden will bail him out through the FDIC and the Treasury, which somehow won’t be US taxpayer money. Although, the government has no money, just taxpayer money.


Charles’s stock nosedived with the bank’s failure. Schwab is still confident in their approach, and you should still trust them.

“Schwab’s long-standing reputation as a safe port in a storm remains intact, driven by record-setting business performance, a conservative balance sheet, a strong liquidity position, and a diversified base of 34 million+ accountholders who invest with Schwab every day,” Schwab and Bettinger said. “As such, we remain confident in our approach and in our ability to help clients through all kinds of economic environments,” Yahoo reports.


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

As usual, in the end the “elites” take care of their own.
Just pau up suckers and weep.
H incase you wonder where they get the money? Well just run up inflation and then effectively tax the “gains” that came from inflation to create more inflation.