FABULOUS! HUGE #s Want to See Trump Cheer Cruz in Houston


President Trump originally planned a rally for Senator Ted Cruz in a venue that would accommodate 8,000 but had to upgrade when 18,000 signed up. By Saturday, more than 78,000 wanted tickets. In an update Sunday, the numbers have reached 100,000. A tailgater will be set up outside.

Rent the Astrodome and they will come! Even the Astrodome isn’t big enough.

Senator Cruz is running against the Socialist ‘JFK’ Beta Blotto Beto O’Rourke who loves Planned Parenthood, open borders and free health care for illegal aliens, and all things left.

According to the polls, Cruz, who is running for a second term, enjoys a healthy but far from Texas-sized single-digit lead over Media Cover Boy Beto O’Rourke. By comparison, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is up a whopping 20 points over his Democrat opponent. So the president is headed to Houston to ensure there is no surprise, Breitbart reports.

The fact that it is as close as it is — that’s scary — but the support Trump has is very encouraging.

Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama pulled in massive crowds, but Trump’s ability to overfill venues is moving and breathtaking.

The current venue only holds 18,000 and they should move up. These people show up, wait in line in inclement weather, and stand outside to watch the TV screens set up for those who can’t get in.

Democrats have to bring in star-studded entertainment to draw mostly puny crowds. They have no message and they’re boring Marxists.

It’s not because Trump supporters are crazy, brainwashed, feeble-minded, or angry, it’s because he is fighting at great personal expense to keep America free. We face an overwhelming task to fight back the forces of Marxism in our schools, media, entertainment, museums, everywhere. He is willing to take up the fight.

It’s two years after his election and he’s still attracting the crowds and it is because we know how hard he is trying and how many slings and arrows he and his family have taken for us.

He is Mad to do it and the people love him for it.


Trust me on this. Turn the sound up!

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5 years ago

Just as Andrew Jackson was an establishment outsider, the first President not from either Massachusetts or Virginia, so Trump as a brilliantly successful businessman with neither a military nor political (nevermind academic) background attracts hard-working, patriotic Jacksonian Americans to his massive, machine-gun frequent rallies.

Policies and principles aside, it’s evident that two years of extraordinarily virulent Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) stem not only from frustrating Rats’ Deep State power-grab but from their equally deep-rooted, abiding socio-cultural/political Class Insecurity. For all their fancy schooling, hoicked-up credentialism, faux intellectual Mandarinate pretensions, they remain Dog Patch clodhoppers blighting everything they touch.

For Trump, the American Presidency is not a status-hungry End but an historic Means. Come this November 6th, we hereby project Rats’ Armageddon-on-the-Potomac, an epic electoral takedown. How now, sad sows?– whatever will MzBill, DiFI, Maxine Wigmore, Fauxcahontas and such as Arizona’s Sinema-the-Enema do when pussy-hat poseurs go belly-up? Eyes bugging, mouths agape, nostrils flaring, Rats’ creatures from the drained-off Black Lagoon will writhe helpless in primordial slime.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

There is still a few who believe in the fundamentals of a Republic, a unified Nation for we battle legions of pure evil, who masquerade under the guise of goodness, Utopian Socialism, Humanism, Redistribution of Wealth, Equality, Identity Politics, these are all Satanic Doctrines of Evil.