Face Masks Make You More Attractive Study Finds, Come on, Man


A new ‘study’ claims face masks make you more attractive, the hard-left Guardian reports. This is such blatant propaganda or perhaps the musings of an “expert” who needs to spend his grant money.

Researchers at Cardiff University were surprised to find that both men and women were judged to look better with a face covering obscuring the lower half of their faces.

They also discovered that a face covered with a disposable-type surgical mask was likely to be deemed the most appealing.

Dr Michael Lewis, a reader from Cardiff University’s school of psychology and an expert in faces, said before the pandemic, medical masks reduced attractiveness.

You must believe this – he’s an EXPERT!

It’s a small study and we’re guessing the men chosen were ugly:

Forty-three women were asked to rate on a scale of one to 10 the attractiveness of images of male faces without a mask, wearing a plain cloth mask, a blue medical face mask, and holding a plain black book covering the area a face mask would hide.

The participants said those wearing a cloth mask were significantly more attractive than the ones with no masks or whose faces were partly obscured by the book. But the surgical mask – which was just a normal, disposable kind – made the wearer look even better.

I can’t go on. It’s such obvious dishonest propaganda that it makes me sick.

Actually, it does help in the case of these people:

Kate Brown, ready for a masked Christmas

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1 year ago

Where did they do this survey, in a bar with an coyote ugly contest?

Hellboy vs. Krönen
Hellboy vs. Krönen
1 year ago

I feel sorry for them to be honest. I’ve got a big ugly mug myself and it builds character.
You learn to defend yourself over the years being F’ed with all the time and called every name as they shunt you off to special education programs.
The masking of children for profit at schools is a crime punishable by the gallows.
Locals avoid all the mask Nazi stores and they will lose business in an already shaky economy.

“Only dust remains.”

Karl Ruprecht Krönen