Facebook unpublished Capitalism with nearly a million ‘likes,” day after the election


Facebook took down the Capitalism page with almost a million ‘likes” and another 900,000 followers today, the day after the election. Facebook fact-checkers have haunted us for months now over minor errors, satire, and so-called community violations. They wouldn’t even tell me what my community violations were so I could self-correct.

Shortly before the election, they demanded documentation on the page ownership. The owner did provide the documentation.

Facebook never responded and, today, the day after the election, they unpublished the page.

In case you don’t know, Capitalism is pro-Capitalism, pro-Constitution, and pro-Trump.

On the same day, the Sentinel has been haunted by a self-appointed fact-checker who decided the site no longer deserves a green light. Someone told them we publish false stories, and they came up with several complaints out of hundreds of stories.

We will write about that later. The fact-checker — Newsguard — is going through all conservative sites and red-flagging them. This is after they were once green-lighted. Somehow, they have never found fault with the NY Times, ABC News, CNN, Huffington Post, and others.

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