Fact checkers play games to prove Biden wasn’t falling asleep in presser


The fact-checkers are playing games again. They said that Biden did not fall asleep during the joint press conference with Israel Prime Miniter Naftali Bennett. We reported he looked like he was asleep.

The first clip by Ian Cheong has a crazy fact-checker stamp on it claiming it is manipulated media. It’s not manipulated and the ‘fact checkers’ are playing games with the word ‘manipulated’ to make people think it’s dishonest. In fact, it’s the relevant clip, just not the entire segment which we included below.

Reuters and other ‘got-your-back-Joe’ fact-checkers wrote: Social media users are sharing a misleading video they claim shows U.S. President Joe Biden falling asleep in a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister. However, the clip was cropped and moments later, Biden responded.

There is no way the clip is misleading. Biden had begun to fall asleep or was out. He was likely semi-comatose or out totally for a few seconds and that was the point.

His fingers were still moving while his head is slumped down and eyes closed so he probably wasn’t in a deep sleep but it’s clear if you watch the entire clip that he was losing steam fast. Who voluntarily lets their head slump down with eyes closed while a PM is talking before the press?

The PM noticed too because he started to lose his momentum and quickly closed up.

Biden snapped back and blathered a bit.

He’s obviously a doddering, bumbling man who was never very sharp, to begin with. He campaigned barely coming up from his basement, and the Democrats weren’t worried he’d lose. Why do you think that is?

The point was accurate. He was probably in a light sleep.

Watch him start to doze off:

The entire clip:

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