Failing Fox purges Stirewalt and 16 others – shifts back to conservative opinion


Fox News laid off at least 16 staffers at Fox digital, including Chris Stirewalt, the political editor who defended the election-night call of Arizona. While the purge is allegedly a restructuring after the election, insiders told The Daily Beast it’s an ideological purge.

Viewers were infuriated with Stirewalt when he called Arizona while people were waiting in line to vote. Fox refused to call Florida and Texas for Trump when he obviously won.

The Demose of a Never Trumper

Stirewalt was a Never Trumper who told reporters to never attend Trump rallies. He said their presence allows Trump to use them as a “prop.”

In February 2018,  he said he admired the CCP’s gun control and their system of social scores.

Chris Stirewalt told Shannon Bream on her show FoxNews@Night in 2018 that “China doesn’t have mass shootings”.

Stirewalt began, “China does a really good job at preventing dissent, China doesn’t have mass shootings like these, and China doesn’t have these problems. You know what else China has?”

Mrs. Bream jumped in, “No freedom!”

Barely batting an eye, Stirewalt continued: “They have something called your social score and your social score reflects all the things you do online, use facial recognition to track you as you go through life and your associations.”

Suddenly realizing we are a free nation, he concluded, “Look everything’s pretty cool over there but in our very messy often chaotic experiment in self-government we still prize liberty in all amendments…uh…first ten amendments to the Constitution.”

The Blood Bath

The layoffs were described as a “blood bath,” perpetrated by Porter Berry, the Sean Hannity ally now in charge of remaking Fox’s digital properties in the image of its right-wing opinion programming.

Some long-time digital editors and reporters, some of whom had been with Fox for a decade or more, were among those laid off. (Additionally, on Monday morning, Fox News senior vice president and D.C. managing editor Bill Sammon, who is in his early 60s, announced he is “retiring at the end of the month.”).

“Porter is at the helm,” declared one current employee of the layoffs, while a recently departed staffer said: “This is all Porter. Both an ideological purge and a purge of people he was threatened by.”

The Flailing Fox

“It’s essentially the final nail in the coffin for digital journalism at Fox,” another recently departed staffer declared.

The network is failing with ratings going down the sinkhole. They either move back to conservative opinion or sell the business. Still, many people see their efforts to hurt Trump as a fatal betrayal, and might never come back.

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1 year ago

The revenge of Roger Ailes

Matthew W
1 year ago

Well, when they fire Juan Williams and Chris Wallace, I’ll give them a chance to be real news again.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Stirewalt was a crude opportunist more than anything else. His stunts had to be done to impress the left wing management at fox. He angered viewers so much over the years, costing fox much. Hosts did not want him on, because people turned off whenever he appeared on the screen, and he made vile remarks. For that hack to be on the network so long shows how rotten that network is.

Viewers were pushed too far. OANN & Newsmax are there to accept those viewers. Fox will not recover.

Featuring Rock Hendricks
Featuring Rock Hendricks
1 year ago

Uncanny. I was thinking about this and flatulated during a walk at Howie Longfellow state park.
That’s what I think about FUX and the Big Sellout on (s)election night ordered by wifey Karens of Rupert’s sons.
Too late now FUX and when wifey(s) get half of everything and you try to rebuild, we still won’t be watching.
Bwahaha! Too bad, so sad, comrades. You reaped and now you will sow.

1 year ago

Is it true Fox didn’t air the Farewell Address. If any network can be so rude and disgusting not to air a Final Farewell Address, no one should watch that network, no Matter who they keep to soothe Conservatives. Keeping them afloat by supporting a show or two is pointless. When they were losing advertisers and Conservatives stepped up in support it was repaid with scorn.