Failing grades of children in a VA school district are up 300% to 600%


Just the News reports in one Virginia School District, there has been a 300% increase in failing grades in middle school. Females are up 600%. Disabled and Hispanic children saw jumps of 400%.

From the report:

Those troubling numbers are drawn from a report from the school district’s Office of Research and Strategic Improvement, which the district commissioned after learning that students were struggling with the school’s online-only educational structure, which has been in place since April.

Middle and high school students with failing grades in two or more classes throughout Fairfax County Public Schools were up 83% in the first quarter of the 2020-21 school year compared to the same quarter last year, with the share of F-marks jumping from 6% of all grades to 11%, nearly doubling.

Among younger students, the increases were significantly higher. Overall, middle school students saw a 300% increase in Fs; female middle schoolers saw a jump of 600%. Disabled students and Hispanic students both saw jumps of 400%.

The overall 83% spike in Fs was also more pronounced among individual demographics district-wide: Hispanic students saw a 92% jump in flunking grades, while English learner students saw a 106% increase. Students with disabilities, as identified by the report, saw their failing grades go up overall by 111%.

This is child abuse, and there is no reason for it. Children aren’t at grave risk of getting the virus or spreading it. They get it at about a .16 rate.

Where’s the science behind this school lockdown? There isn’t any. It’s a disgrace. It’s seriously harming many children.

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