‘Fake and cringe!’ Biden says Kamala is smarter than him


President Joe Biden remarked today that Kamala Harris is smarter than him. How many people in high office aren’t smarter than him?

He is programmed to say certain things but he’s not in charge, and he’s not competent. Maybe he’s setting the stage for 0% Kamala to take over as President. She basically is the President now, and she is a communist. She was known a few years back as the female Obama, and she is.

The Obamas likely positioned her to take Joe’s place one way or the other, but that is conjecture.

Remarks from the White House:

“I was with Xi Jinping — China. I spent more time with him, I’m told, than any world leader — because when he was Vice President, I was Vice President,” Biden said recalling his meeting.

“His President and mine wanted us to get to know one another because it was clear he was going to become the President. And I spent — traveled 17,000 miles with him in China, in the United States, and Asia generally, and met with him, I guess, they tell me, 24, 25 hours alone, just me and an interpreter, and he and an interpreter. And, by the way, I handed in all my notes. (Laughter.) Minor point,” he said.

“But all kidding aside, he asked me — we were on the Tibetan Plateau. He asked me and said to me, ‘Can you define America for me?’ Biden remembered. “And I said, ‘Yeah, in one word. And I mean it — in one word: possibilities.’ Possibilities. That’s what you guys believe in: possibilities, based on science and hard data.

“And so I just thank you for not only your intellectual skills, but your heart — your heart, your determination. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he said before saying that Harris was the smarter of the two of them.

“And I shouldn’t have done that because I wanted to yield to my Vice President, who’s smarter than I am,” he said.


Fox News host Steve Hilton on Friday said that Joe Biden is not running operations in the White House and that he is the president “in name only” because of the rampant left-wing agenda that he has promoted in spite of his history of being a centrist, Fox News reported.

“The capacity of our Commander in Chief is a vital public issue. It’s not just this gaffe there’s one of these almost every day where he seems to forget where he is or what he’s doing. He stumbles he mumbles,” Hilton said.

“He clearly at the very least doesn’t have the energy to do the job. But, more seriously from a substantive basis, you only have to look at the agenda that’s being pursued to see that Joe Biden is president in name only. He ran with a very clear centrist message. He said look I’m Joe Biden you know who I am. I’m not going to do this crazy left stuff. Yet what do we have? We have an agenda that is completely driven by the power bases within the Democratic Party. Which is very clear,” he said.

“The government unions and the woke left and of course, the permanent bureaucracy are pushing for things like going back to the Iran deal. He’s not in charge and that’s why this is a massive issue of public importance,” he said.


Democrats knew this of course and voted for him anyway. They fell for the DJT is the devil lie.

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