Fake Conservative Paul Ryan on CNBC Calls Trump “Dangerous”


On Wednesday, former House Speaker Paul Ryan characterized Donald Trump’s potential presidential nomination as a “disaster.”  He thinks he can convince Trump’s supporters to back someone other than Trump.

The former Speaker is delusional.

Ryan was on CNBC’s Squawk Box and said, “I’m for anybody not named Trump right now. Anybody not named Trump… because I think we beat Biden for sure if we nominate a Republican not named Trump.”

So, anyone can win but Trump? We’re talking about Asa, Chris, Mike, or Nikki? Don’t think so.

Ryan doesn’t believe Trump can win the general but says he could.

“We haven’t won anything with him since he first won in ’16,” Ryan stated. “We lost the House in ’18, the presidency in ’20, the Senate in ’20, and we could have won the Senate in 2022, but for him.”

Mitch McConnell had a little to do with that Senate loss when he held back $2000 checks during the pandemic. He also held back funds and support for Trump candidates.

The former Speaker calls himself a “never again Trumper.” Ryan doesn’t think Trump can win and is unfit.

It would be dangerous for the Uniparty and their power. The lefties love to air fake conservatives spewing never-Trump one-liners like Trump is dangerous to the country.

That’s not honest. Trump led like a traditional president.

“I’m very clear I don’t think he’s fit, and I don’t think he can win,” Ryan continued. “I mean, he could [win], and that’s dangerous.”

He contradicted himself at one point and said backing another candidate would make Trump’s base “very mad.

Who can forget Paul Ryan praising Nancy Pelosi and her “tremendous legacy.” Ryan said Nancy Pelosi has a career to “be proud of” and a “tremendous legacy.”

He can’t stop himself from insulting Donald Trump and dismissing all Trump supporters. That’s the same mistake Jeb Bush made when he said he was going to win without conservatives.

They just can’t learn. Ryan Republicans would rather have senile authoritarian Joe Biden than Donald Trump.

Ryan passed omnibus bills, did nothing about illegal immigration, and sat on almost every agenda item. Still, Ryan has appointed himself the arbiter of the candidates we can have. It’s delusional thinking as he dismisses millions of Republicans who will disagree.

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