Paul Ryan Praises Pelosi & Her “Tremendous Legacy,” Dismisses Trump


Paul Ryan, one of the worst Speakers of the House in recent memory, said Nancy Pelosi has a career to “be proud of” and a “tremendous legacy.” Naturally, he believes we would have won the Senate “if we had traditional Republicans running, not Trump Republicans.” Ryan said the “Trump factor” is the reason Republicans lost.

Ryan believes we will lose the White House if Trump wins. “He’s unelectable,” Ryan said. And, like that, he dismisses Donald Trump and all of his followers.

Ryan says Trump will continue “to lose altitude,” aka lose Trump supporters. Throughout the interview, he simply dismisses the Magas, Ultra Magas, and Ultra Mega Magas while appointing himself some kind of party leader.

How can I say this politely? GO AWAY, PAUL! When we needed real leadership and had an opportunity to turn back socialism, he refused to take action on the Trump agenda.

The former Speaker, who undermined Trump when he was needed the most, also thinks no one’s better than Kevin McCarthy to lead the House. The Romney doppelganger added that he’s never been a Never Trumper. That sets off the fake news meter.

Mr. Ryan is not alone in his magical thinking. Mike Pence might run in 2024. Nikki Haley is considering it, as is Mike Pompeo. Do they honestly think they can run against Donald Trump, and his supporters will go with them instead? De Santis is their best option, but, so far, he’s not there.

Ryan passed omnibus bills, did nothing about illegal immigration, and sat on almost every agenda item. Still, Ryan has appointed himself the arbiter of the candidates we can have. It’s delusional thinking as he dismisses millions of Republicans who will disagree.


via YouTube

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