Fake news with a caveat: NBC/WSJ poll hugely favors slow Joe


This article was updated to include more news from the other Trump-hating outlets.

Biden leads Trump 51 percent to 43 percent in the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll with those backing the mail-in vote favoring Biden by three to one.  They claim a combined 52 percent of voters say they will vote early – either by mail, by early in-person voting or that they’ve already voted.

There is a 4.38% margin of error in the swing states, which is huge and 3.10% otherwise. The poll is also heavily weighted in favor of left-leaning Independents and Democrats.

The lead is basically unchanged from last month when Biden’s lead in the poll was 50 to 41 percent – amid ongoing ‘protests’ over the death of George Floyd and Trump’s call for ‘law and order’ after property destruction in cities.

Apparently, the people they polled prefer ‘protests’ and Biden.

Actually, according to Rasmussen Reports, the majority who have experienced the riots, the majority prefer President Trump.

One Rasmussen poll shows President Trump is up to 45% approval among gay men.


While we don’t trust the polls yet, certainly not one involving NBC, there is a concern that Biden holds a strong lead among those who would vote online.

Online voting is fraught with the possibility of cheating and we would never be able to check it.

It’s also true that elections are won and lost with the absentee ballot, which is similar. That is because of corruption one can do nothing about for the most part. Remember Orange County, California with ballots popping up for days without a chain of custody and judges saying they could be counted.

Also, and importantly, online voting will attract the laziest and most ill-informed of voters, along with those who are overreacting to the virus. Those are mostly Democrat voters.


According to Politico:

Donald Trump is making modest inroads with Latinos. Polls suggest he’spulling slightly more Black support than in 2016.

But Trump is tilting at the margins with those groups. His bigger problem is the demographic that sent him to the White House — white voters, whose embrace of Trump appears to be slipping in critical, predominantly white swing states.

The outlet reports a CBS News/YouGov survey last week had Trump running 2 percentage points behind Biden with white voters, after carrying them by 7 points in 2016. (Surveys are a bigger joke than the polls – they sampled two-thirds from left-wing panels)

Why would white voters pick Biden? He’s hiding in a basement in Delaware. Kamala the unpopular is MIA.

In Wisconsin, where Trump won non-college-educated white women by 16 percentage points four years ago, he is now allegedly losing them by 9 percentage points, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll (random by phone). In Pennsylvania, Biden has now pulled even with Trump among white voters, according to an NBC News/Marist Poll.

The Washington Post, a far-left newspaper, claims the public sees [Slow] Joe as better at law and order. Is that why ALL the police unions support Donald Trump?

Meanwhile, the only pollsters to get 2016 correct found on Friday that Trump had 53% approval:


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