Fake PM? UK’s Jeremy Corbyn explains how he really won


On Thursday, the Labour Party suffered its worst defeat in 80 years, losing 59 seats to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party. Party leader Jeremy Corbyn had to step down as party leader after his humiliating loss.

Corbyn, an anti-Semitic communist by many accounts, wrote an op-ed for the far left Observer explaining how he really won. If he isn’t Hillary Clinton’s doppëlganger, I don’t know who is. This is part of what he had to say:

I am proud that on austerity, on corporate power, on inequality, and on the climate emergency we have won the arguments and rewritten the terms of political debate. But I regret that we did not succeed in converting that into a parliamentary majority for change.

There is no doubt that our policies are popular, from public ownership of rail and key utilities to a massive house-building programme and a pay rise for millions. The question is, how can we succeed in future where we didn’t this time?

There is no quick fix to overcome the distrust of many voters. Patronising them will not win them over. Labour has to earn their trust. That means the patient work of listening and standing with communities, especially as the government steps up its assault. And it means ensuring that the working class, in all its diversity, is the driving force within our party.

How could people possibly reject his brand of socialism? It has to be…the media. Forget that the media is left-wing and was in his corner. He claims he just couldn’t fight the “billionaire-owned and influenced hostility” of the media, he says.

Can we expect him to go on a pity tour with Hillary for the next four years? Is he sure the Russians didn’t interfere in the election? Perhaps he could become the fake Prime Minister. We have fake governors and shadow presidents here in the States.



  1. He should listen to his astrophysicist brother Piers Corbyn who says climate change is hogwash and a fraud forwarded by the press. Who would you listen to a Communist who wants to take peoples money and destroy free market business or an Astrophysicist who knows more about climate patterns caused by the sun than his brother wishes he could know.


  2. Already Antifa and their legions of allies have formed a “Resistance” promoting the idea the election was stolen, rigged and shouting in the streets “Boris is not our PM.” Same techniques of lies and sedition perfected by the Commiecrats in the USA.

  3. The entire Main Sewer Stream Fake Media in the entire West…is corrupt….and ALL their “sources” are anonymous…and they ALL “parrot” each other….and their dedicated audiences are bereft of “common sense”, cognition and have a memory span shorter than a fruit fly – that lives 24 hours…

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