Fake president, fake presser, fake media, and 3 of the biggest whoppers


Adjusting earpiece?

Bill O’Reilly picked out three of Joe Biden’s biggest whoppers during his press conference on Thursday. This is something our media will not do. Bill believes Joe hasn’t a clue as to what he’s saying or doing.

Maybe he’s right, but Biden has been advocating for a never-ending stream of illegal aliens since 2015, at least. He was fairly coherent then.

Yesterday, Biden said every single person in the world under 18 years of age can come into the United States. One can assume that after they become citizens, they can bring their families into the country.

The biggest whoppers pointed out by Bill O in the clip below were: Trump letting children die at the border, there is no unusual influx at the border, and there goes the filibuster.


The entire presser was a disgrace. Biden was obviously programmed and was told which reporters to call on. He would not call on anyone who would ask a tough question using stats like Fox News’s Peter Doocy.

We have a fake president, fake inauguration, fake press conference, and we’re heading for communism with a brief stop at socialism.

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2 years ago

Are children allowed to use “cheat sheets” in class. He suffers from a typical debilitation of old age. He has very poor short memory, requiring cheat sheets, and has better recollection of the early days.

2 years ago

We don’t have a president we have a ventriloquists dummy with with his hand up his butt making his mouth move in incoherent guttural sounds. Only fools are fooled by this foolish old man, erroneously called the CIC, who’s nothing more than a Confused Incompetent Crackpot.

From Russia With Love
From Russia With Love
2 years ago

That’s why Putin made the health comment.
We are in dangerous waters thanks to the CPUSA.
Just had a huge laugh off of a James Bond looking DVD cover with a stumbling Joe, another one showed a shall we say not so manly man in a onesie with various other onesies containing sayings like, I love the government, ban all guns, I voted.
At least we can laugh as we head for societal doom.

BTW-all the racial pandering is it because they fear the pitchforks and torches as they never want any diversity in their neighborhoods or fiefdoms?