Families Plan to Leave Chicago After HUGE Property Increases


Never mind that 66 people were shot in Chicago over the July 4th holiday, the officials are happy it’s not as many as last year. Chicago has very strict gun laws, but the police chief, who seems like a stand up guy, said they arrrest the gun offenders and judges put them back on the streets within days. That isn’t why there might soon be an exodus from the city, however.

The property tax increases in leftist Cook County are forcing some families to move. Some families are facing up to 60% increases in one year.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Chicago property owners were reassessed.

A great deal of the money from property taxes goes to funding government pensions. Politicians make promises they can’t fulfill and pensions typically fall in that category.

We wonder if all those illegal aliens run up the bill too.

The media asked the new far-left Mayor Lori Lightfoot how property owners are expected to absorb these massive increases and she said she would get back to them.

Isn’t leftism great? Wait until we have to pay for free childcare through college, free healthcare for illegal aliens, free income, absurd climate bills, and so on. Democrat candidates for president keep saying we have plenty of money for all these freebies.



  1. That’s what happens when people continuously vote socialists into office. Then when their town/state becomes a sh!thole, they and their ignorance move elsewhere.

    • The same sort of things happen when “refugee crisis” and “caravans” are created…that has been the wont of successive administrations…Works well for the agenda of the perpetrators eh!!!

    • That would be what CA does, too. At least those that pay taxes. I personally call it a sh!thole, now. I used to love to visit there. The Left are ruining many states. Colorado is on the list, too. We all better make sure we vote. Early & often…

  2. My first question to those who are complaining is what party did you vote for in the last election? If you voted for the Democrats, then tough shit. Hope you all go bankrupt and can’t find a buyer for your property.

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