Far-Left Axios Says Trump Is Giving McCarthy a Break


Far-far-left Axios reports that Trump is giving Kevin McCarthy a break. Donald Trump is paying more attention to state races than House races, as they say. Kevin McCarthy is allegedly happy about it.

Kevin McCarthy, he just wants a break to elect electable RINOs.

“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his allies are boosting the fortunes of more-mainstream-than-MAGA Republicans in pivotal primaries, often working under the radar,” they report.

The McCarthy-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC has quietly spent about $7 million in Republican primaries, boosting more electable candidates.

They mention some decent candidates and some RINOs as examples.

One of the candidates mentioned is Joe Kent. No one is giving him a break, especially the Republican establishment who, in total, spent $4.5 million to eviscerate his candidacy.

“Washington Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler’s race against Trump-endorsed Joe Kent is too close to call. Super PACs aligned with the GOP establishment spent about $3 million boosting Herrera Beutler in the primary,” Axios writes.

It stands to reason that Axios would want the RINO impeacher Beutler in a very safe Republican district, but why does McCarthy? It is a safe district for a Republican, and Kent will win if he is the nominee.

The idea that McCarthy is only going after electable candidates seems false, at least in part.

It took an awful lot for him to dump Liz Cheney, even as she dragged down the entire party. She is leading the RINO charge to obliterate actual conservatives.

This looks more like a McCarthy effort to fight for RINOs. He is giving RINOs a break for whatever reason. Voters need a break from RINOs who campaign on conservatism and then don’t do a thing they say they’d do.

All Maga means is to put America First. Why is that a threat to the GOP? Donald Trump led the nation as a traditional president and didn’t sell us off to China. He put a halt to China first. We had a good economy, the border was mostly secure, and schools weren’t as ideologically dangerous for children.


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