Lancet’s COVID Chair Makes Some Jaw-Dropping Lab Leak Comments


Prof. Jeffrey Sachs is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and the President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Dr. Sachs is an advisor to the Pope, He has also served as the chair of the COVID-19 commission for leading medical journal the Lancet. He now has a lot of questions that no one was allowed to ask in 2020.


Professor Jeffrey Sachs told Current Affairs that he is “pretty convinced [COVID-19] came out of US lab biotechnology.” He warned that ongoing gain of function research could lead to another pandemic outbreak.

Sachs stated what we knew in 2020 but weren’t allowed to say. Scientists who dismissed the lab leak theory did so “before they had done any research at all.”  As he said, “they’re creating a narrative. And they’re denying the alternative hypothesis without looking closely at it.”

Sachs pointed out that genetic markers in the SARS-Cov2 appear to be manipulated to make it deadlier.

We knew that too and weren’t allowed to say it.

“What’s interesting, and concerning if I may say so, is that the research that was underway very actively and being promoted was to insert furin cleavage sites into SARS-like viruses to see what would happen. Oops!” Sachs states.

“They’re not looking,” Sachs says of scientists who dismiss the lab leak, ” he said. “They just keep telling us, ‘Look at the market, look at the market, look at the market!.’”

“But they don’t address this alternative. They don’t even look at the data. They don’t even ask questions. And the truth is from the beginning; they haven’t asked the real questions.”

He sees this as “misdirection” and a refusal to look at the vast amount of research taking place. NIH isn’t looking at it and hasn’t.

Instead, they’ve kept this alternative hidden.

Sachs had appointed the chief of EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, to the task force that Lancet established to investigate the pandemic. After several months, he said he knew he was lying and fired him. Then scientists attacked him.

When he found out via a FOIA and NIH documents that he was lied to, he disbanded the task force.

In his opinion, they were deliberately diverting from the lab leak theory.

“I chaired the commission for the Lancet for two years on COVID. I’m pretty convinced it came out of U.S. lab biotechnology, not out of nature, just to mention. After two years of intensive work on this. So it’s a blunder in my view of biotech, not an accident of a natural spillover. We don’t know for sure, I should be absolutely clear. But there’s enough evidence that it should be looked into. And it’s not being investigated, not in the United States, not anywhere. And I think for real reasons that they don’t want to look underneath the rug, the statement.”

~ Jeffrey Sachs

Sachs “Doesn’t trust” the governments and scientists who are dismissing the lab leak theory.”

He now says, “I want to know. Because even what we know of the dangerous research is enough to raise a lot of questions of responsibility for the future. And to pose the question: ‘Hey, what other viruses are you guys working on? What should we know?’”

“I want to know what’s being done…I want to know what other governments are doing, too, not just ours…I want some global control over this stuff,” Sachs added.

He called for a bipartisan congressional probe with subpoena power. Professor Sachs wants all the information made public.

Unfortunately, Congress is completely in the dark, as Rand Paul has said.


Scientists, perhaps including Jeffrey Sachs, allowed politics to distort science and personal ethics. They felt justified in lying to the public. Social media and legacy media saw themselves as justified in keeping the truth hidden to continue the narrative against Donald Trump.

As for Prof. Sachs, he is a World Economic Forum, depopulation, sustainable earth true believer. He served as an advisor to the UN head and the Pope.  Pope Francis and Jeffrey Sachs have had a fairly consistent relationship.

In September 2019, The Red Pope published the list of participants invited to his pan-Amazon Synod. The invitees include communists, UN globalists, liberation theologists, and two of the world’s most renowned promoters of abortion and population control, Jeffrey Sachs and Ban ki-Moon.

Sachs has written articles for a Jesuit publication challenging the “American idea” of “unalienable rights.”

Sachs’ overriding goal in life is to eliminate extreme world poverty but he needs our money to do it along with the help of allies in the cause like George Soros, Joseph Stiglitz (who helped write Mayor de Blasio’s communist plan), Frances Fox Piven (who now sees pollution as the worst threat in the world) with his unwavering belief in social justice and redistribution.

Dr. Sachs believes he has the moral authority of the leader of 1.2 billion people and a third of the American people.

The Professor calls our Founding documents outmoded but uses the ancients to justify his beliefs and paints us all with the same brush.

“We face, therefore, a moral crisis, not a material crisis. We face a problem not of means but of ends. As Aristotle might have said, we have the techne (the technological know-how) but not yet the phronesis (the moral wisdom) to choose survival over death. We are trapped by an indifference that ironically has been magnified by America’s exaggerated defense of liberty at the expense of virtue.”

This could be why the economics professor didn’t do his job as Chair of the Lancet task force.

He is now worried no one is investigating this. The fact is it was taboo for two years.

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