Far-Left Demands Mayor Johnson Get Rid of a Crime-Fighting Tool


Progressives have vowed to hold the new Chicago mayor, Brandon Johnson, to his campaign pledge that a tool police use as part of crime-control efforts in the city be ended. They demand he break with the so-called controversial gunshot detection contractor ShotSpotter.

It’s controversial to Progressives.

Johnson gave the keynote speech this week at Radical Netroots, the country’s largest annual gathering of progressives. They are all on the same page – defund the police and the tools they use to fight crime.

“Many people will make you believe that the only way in which you can have safe communities is by simply engaging in politics of old, by believing that the only answer to public safety is policing. That’s a failed strategy,” he told the gathering.

Odd thing for him to say since crime has increased under his so-far short reign.


He hasn’t yet fulfilled his campaign pledge to get rid of ShotSpotter, which has progressives screaming.

For over a decade, Chicago has used the company’s nearly 30-year-old gunshot detection system, deployed in high-crime areas and designed to direct police to shootings. However, in recent years has faced intense criticism for its methodology and the impact of its technology on communities of color.

Many would say the crimes are committed mostly in these communities. Innocent black people are being killed as gangs slaughter people. The problem isn’t gun crime, it’s gang crime.

“He’s a rising star in progressive politics, and we’re going to hold him accountable,” Granate Kim, campaign director at MPower Change, a national Muslim digital advocacy organization, told a panel held at Netroots.

Kim added that if Johnson did not break with ShotSpotter: “We would be very upset and take him to task nationally.”

The ShotSpotter helps the police get to the locations faster and often saves lives. One 13-year-old named Toledo was killed, and they blamed ShotSpotter. The system had nothing to do with it.

Screenshot of Brandon Johnson

Toledo Killing

Progressives said Toledo had his hands in the air. However, they don’t say he dropped the gun after the bullet left the police officer’s gun or simultaneously. Toledo did not respond to the officer’s calls to drop it. The police like to come out alive and not wait to be shot.

Toledo was known in the gang circles as “Lil Homicide” and “Bvby Diavlo.”

Last fall, then-Mayor Lightfoot quietly extended the company’s contract to February 2024. Then in June, Johnson approved a $10m payment for ShotSpotter. A senior adviser in the mayor’s office blamed the authorization on an automated signature. However, he did not commit to ending the contract next year.

Do you know that with all their tough gun laws, they don’t bother to prosecute most.

Everything progressives touch is ruined, and safety is always a victim of their ideology. They are running the Democrat Party now. Progressives aren’t stupid, but they are guided by ideology. They are often hate-filled, and they have a totalitarian core.

One of the reasons crime is increasing is the influx of unvetted illegal aliens into their sanctuary city. So, change that.

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