Hunter Sold the US Out to the CCP for a Key Ingredient in Electric Cars


Perverted drug addict and art scammer, Hunter Biden, who serves as the “bag man” for “the big guy,” sharing accounts with big guy Joe as he reaps the rewards of political influence, sold us out again to China.

The sleazy son of Joe Biden is getting rich from his ventures, and he’s doing it at the great expense of the nation’s security and wealth. The latest news comes as Joe Biden is forcing electric cars on the country with huge subsidies from taxpayers as the nation goes broke. Actually, we are broke.

As Biden forces Americans into electric cars, Hunter can be credited with making our enemy, the CCP major players in the building of the batteries for the cars.

In 2013, he was part of a deal to sell one of the world’s largest cobalt mines to the CCP. Cobalt is a key ingredient in batteries for electric vehicles.

The president’s son was part owner of a venture involved in the $3.8 billion purchase by a Chinese conglomerate of one of the world’s largest cobalt deposits. The metal is a key ingredient in batteries for electric vehicles, The New York Times reported Saturday.

An investment firm where Hunter Biden, the president’s son, was a founding board member helped facilitate a Chinese company’s purchase from an American company of one of the world’s richest cobalt mines, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr. Biden and two other Americans joined Chinese partners in establishing the firm in 2013, known as BHR and formally named Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company.

The three Americans, all of whom served on the board, controlled 30 percent of BHR, a private equity firm registered in Shanghai that makes investments and then flips them for a profit. The rest of the company is owned or controlled by Chinese investors that include the Bank of China, according to records filed with Chinese regulators.

This deal was made when Biden was the sitting vice president.

It has taken on new relevance because the Biden administration warned this year that China might use its growing dominance of cobalt to disrupt America’s retooling of its auto industry to make electric vehicles. The metal is among several key ingredients in electric car batteries.

You are expected to believe Joe knew nothing about this.

When asked if the president had been made aware of his son’s connection to the sale, a White House spokesman said, “No.”


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