Far Left Loons March in a Quiet Neighborhood to Terrorize Justices


Activists with Our Rights DC marched into the Barrett family’s peaceful Virginia neighborhood on Sunday evening in violation of a law no one will enforce. They are doing it solely to intimidate and influence justices in our humble opinion.

They also showed up at Justice Robert’s house. They only show up at conservative justices homes. We don’t hear much opposition from leftist justices.

“Cut her time short,” they chanted as they marched. They shouted about the death of Tyre Nichols and racial justice.

“Say his name!” they chanted.

Then they chanted about abortion.

“My body, my choice, my body belongs to me,” they sang into megaphones as one of the activists beat a drum. Communists always beat drums. They did it in the ’60s too.

Last weekend, The Daily Signal covered a protest at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

No one is interested in protecting Originalist Justices.

Radicals don’t care about issues. They use issues and unite disparate groups to become a majority. When they can’t win that way, they protest and riot.Their goal is to overturn our government and destroy our culture to make way for their anarchistic rule.

Remember Code Pink and other anti-war radicals who tried to take down George W. Bush? Are they anywhere to be seen as war looms? They aren’t anywhere to be seen. Cindy Sheehan is history. That’s because it was never about the individual cause. It’s always about the larger plan.

It’s against the law.

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