‘Fastest Girl in Conn’ Chelsea Mitchell Sues the State After 20 Losses


Chelsea Mitchell is known as the “fastest girl in Connecticut,” and she is, but she’s not faster than the males who claim they’re female. Mitchell will challenge her state’s law on transgenders in female sports in court.

Mitchell is teaming up with fellow Connecticut residents Selina Soule, 20, Ashley Nicoletti, 19, and Alanna Smith, 19, who ran high school track in the state at the same time she did.

Photo via Alliance Defending Freedom

The four are suing the Connecticut Association of Schools and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, seeking to overturn a policy that allows transgender athletes to compete per their gender identity rather than their biological sex.

“I wanted to give voice to my story and help other girls out there so that they wouldn’t have to experience this,” she said.

Miss Mitchell wants males out of female sports.

“It was just obvious to everyone there that they had a huge advantage. Everyone could see it,” Mitchell said.

Just two biological male athletes dominated the field.

Just two athletes took so many opportunities away from biological females,” Mitchell told the New York Post. “Even though there were only two of them, they took 15 state championships away from other girls — and there were 85 girls that were directly impacted from them being in the races.”

The problem of facing other athletes with a built-in biological advantage didn’t go away; in fact, it got worse.

Miss Mitchell first sued in her junior year, but the fight had only just begun.

Look at Lia Thomas and he/her stealing titles women worked so hard for. Lia (William) switched in his junior year, and he dominated the field because of his stature. He wasn’t very competitive in men’s swim meets. He is a fully-equipped male attracted to women by his own account. Hormones are almost meaningless. If they want to change genders, they can’t in sports.

In years past, we had something called transvestites. They are people who like to dress in the clothes of the opposite gender. Many of these so-called transgenders, including drag queens, are transvestites. We are now told we can’t use the word “transvestites.” That’s a political move to grow the number of transgenders. They’re putting transvestites under the transgender umbrella, and it’s inappropriate. And some transvestites, not transgenders, are probably getting into female sports.

If people have the surgery and they’re happy, okay. But, biological males don’t belong in female sports.

Celebrate Pride Month by having the courage to tell the truth. Respect their rights, but the rights of all others as well. Support Chelsea Mitchell.

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