Father of girl lost during Parkland shooting talks about Biden’s gun control


Ryan Petty lost his daughter to the horror at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Nicolas Cruz is a mentally ill youth who rampaged through the school, killing 17 innocent people, mostly students.

Mr. Petty says the loss is worsened by those who take advantage of it.

“The narrative put forward by the White House and the media would make you think every person touched by that horrific act, and gun violence writ large is in on board with Biden’s gun control agenda. This is simply not true. The Biden gun control agenda won’t stop gun violence,” said Mr. Petty.

He wrote about the Biden White House position on his site, and he gave us the answer to stop these mass shootings.

The article he wrote is well worth reading. The trouble is people who should read it, won’t.

Watch Mr. Petty discuss it with Laura Ingraham:

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