Fauci Assures Us the Corona Vax System Is Set Up to Be Endless


You will be excited to know that Dr. Fauci, our nation’s top medical bureaucrat, says Pfizer is ready for the coronavirus Merry-Go-Round without end. They are ready to keep coming up with vaccines, ignoring natural immunity or treatments.

You don’t like the mild Omicron? Get a jab. They plan to have the booster quickly or you can just get the booster they have that probably doesn’t work.

He is now saying with some opaque gibberish that we probably don’t need a boost for a specific variant. Just Jab with the original and see what happens all you lab rats out there.

He and the pharmaceutical companies, the decision-makers for us all, are ready for any and all variants as soon as they appear. Studies and knowledge of how dangerous they are seem irrelevant under the system he suggests.

NIH, NIAID, FDA, CDC, Big Pharma are ONE and they are your masters.


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