More Than 6,000 Future Democrat Afghans Are Pouring Into Texas


So far, it looks like 6,000 Afghan refugees — future Democrats — will be resettled in Texas, but it could be more. It’s part of the effort to turn Texas blue. They’re going to Democrat Houston where they get indoctrinated into the Democrat Party.

There are reports that there are 1.5 Afghans here or coming soon.

Democrats are asking for another $7 billion to resettle Afghan refugees, though the Biden administration has yet to clarify how many are actually here or coming to the U.S.

Republicans need to step up and help these people, providing another path for them to choose.

The last few elections were very close and this number could swing them blue.

“We expect to receive more than 6,000 Afghans in all, probably by early next year,” Cynthia Colbert from Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston said this week, according to KTRH news

They are called our Afghan allies, but almost all of the refugees were not vetted and not among the people in Afghanistan who actually helped us. If they were assuredly our allies who helped us in Afghanistan, that would be one thing, but the overwhelming number are not.

The Welcoming resettlement groups are all run by leftists and funded by deep-pocketed leftists. The far-left Catholic Charities is deeply involved.

At least Democrats have stopped calling them people of color for now since they are white.


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