Rumble Will Provide Cloud & Distribution Services for Truth Social


Rumble has worked out a distribution deal with Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social. Rumble is neutral and doesn’t censor political opinions or news. The CEO’s mission is to restore the free and open Internet.

$CFVI CEO of spac confirmed Donald J Trump’s Trump Media is using Rumble for cloud and distribution services.

This way he avoids the problems of Apple and other companies de-platforming him. Rumble put up a video of the upcoming Trump platform which mimics Twitter in appearance.

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Wolverine Blues
Wolverine Blues
1 year ago

Now that comrade Pajeet of Twitter said that “we are not bound by the first amendment” the last fence sitters should bail from the Twit chamber pot.
I’m sure comrade kommissar Dorsey (CCP/CPUSA) has no involvement in his abomination anymore. (riiiight)
Dullard hive borgs with their opinions freshly downloaded from the View while burning a votive candle at the Fauci shrine before regurgitating their “view” onto TwitFaceGram are already gone and will only boat anchor you.