Fauci funded research on mice with aborted baby body parts


Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases poured taxpayer money into unethical experiments. One of those studies involved implanting aborted babies’ scalps onto mice at the University of Pittsburgh, according to a scathing new report.

The founder of the Center of Medical Progress, David Daleiden, told Townhall that Dr. Fauci gave $61 million to the University of Pittsburgh in 2019 for scientific research.

Some of that money funded experiments that involved aborted baby body parts and attached them to mice and rats.

“Dr. Fauci should be brought in front of Congress again to answer specific questions under oath about what he and his department knew, and when they knew it, about the barbaric experiments on aborted infants at the University of Pittsburgh, and what ‘appropriate oversight’ means to them for experiments on aborted human fetuses,” Daleiden said.


This stunning new information appeared in a study published by the University of Pittsburgh researchers in September 2020 in the journal of “Scientific Reports.” The Study received support from the National Institutes of Health, which Fauci’s agency is under.

Their scientists used scalps from aborted babies between 18 and 20 weeks of pregnancy to create “humanized” mice and rats to study the human immune system. The researchers described it as “full-thickness human skin.”

Planned Parenthood unborn baby-killing doctors supplying the Pittsburgh tissue bank would have “used illegal partial-birth abortions to extract the fetal heads whole enough to yield usable scalps,” according to Daleiden.

“A grant funded by the NIAID in 2019 worth $430,000 was awarded to the university for fetal research that involved the use of mice and rats to grow the scalps of the aborted fetuses,” the report reads.

Human baby scalps on mice

Mengele would be so proud.

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