Fauci says maybe we can re-open in May as businesses-jobs are destroyed


On Saturday night, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told a Fox News audience on ‘Watter’s World,’ that he is “cautiously optimistic” that some social distancing can be eased up next month.

We will have 40 million people out of work, face economic devastation, and he is looking at some social distancing maybe? That’s concerning.

Fauci said that though there were some indications the outbreak was “starting to turn the corner,” any reopening of normal life across the country would occur in a “gradual” or “rolling” reentry. Is it time to abandon Dr. Fauci and his rolling reentries?

Despite encouraging numbers from hospitalizations and intubations that suggest part of the outbreak had begun to “level off,” Fauci said that “there is always the possibility” for a resurgence in the fall.

Does he expect another lockdown in the fall???

“When you look at the admissions, the hospitalizations, the intensive care, and the need to intubate, that not only has flattened, it’s starting to turn the corner,” Fauci said. So that’s what we’re hopeful [for], and it’s cautious optimism that we are seeing that decrease, and if you look at the patterns of the curves in other countries, once you turn that corner hopefully we’ll see a very sharp decline.”

“If you start and when one starts to relax some of those restrictions, we know that there will be people who will be getting infected. I mean, that is just reality. The critical issue is to be able to in real-time identify, isolate and contact trace. That’s called containment.”


Meanwhile, there is zero scientific evidence that social distancing works. It’s anecdotal. Sweden and Brazil did not lock down and only issued advisories for endangered groups, yet their numbers are leveling off. Hello, it’s spring.

Do we have to listen to unelected bureaucrats who don’t seem to balance the devastation to the economy when 40 million people will be out of work?

WHO didn’t declare the coronavirus a pandemic until March 11. The President followed up immediately. Yet, Fauci went on CNN with Jake Tapper and suggested more Americans would be alive if the lockdowns started sooner, at Tapper’s instigation. Dr. Fauci was supportive for the most part but the left is using select soundbites.

Fauci insisted on the most extreme quarantine which has resulted in depression-era unemployment, with businesses and careers destroyed.

It’s “very unfortunate” that peoples’ careers, jobs, livelihoods are shattered, he said. It saved lives and was necessary.


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2 years ago

7 am Monday morning we will be opening the boat plant. We have 20,000gal. of resin going to shit, if it goes bad in the system we’ll never recover. We are going to build boats & The President needs to open the damn country so people can buy them.

2 years ago

Fauci was on CNN ,TODAY, undermining Trump again, saying more,lives could have been saved if mitigation was started in mid February instead of March, as ‘he’ wanted. But there was ‘push back’ from administration. (Makes him look like the hero)

Now that statement will be used to say people will die if Trump starts economy in May.

2 years ago

Only the blind will complain. There’s really a very good question here. The death toll numbers will decrease as people do a really really good job of social distancing. It didn’t quite hit me before. By saying that they are making the public “part of the solution”, with a sense of “pride”, in doing a “good job”, they have the people hooked. People LIKE to be proud of themselves and THIS gives them not only the opportunity, but is reinforced. This is some of the best social manipulation anyone has ever done. It rather sounds like social media designers and architects knew what they were doing. Maybe Bill Gates’ influence is greater than imagined. Everyone WANTS likes and everyone asks for them. You can watch it from the beginning.


2 years ago

I’ve noticed Fauci is on MANY MANY programs, even Youtube channels. How is he finding time to do his job when he spends more time in front of a camera than anyone else in the entire country. Maybe more than Anyone, Ever.

2 years ago
Reply to  Greg

This is Faici’s 15 minutes of fame, he has to grab it while he can, he will disappear like a fart in the wind when this whole thing passes, just like Davis Hogg, Michael Avenatti to name a couple !!!!!

2 years ago

Normally I wouldn’t even bother with this but these AREN’T normal times. This researcher is said to have the most accurate models of anyone. No way to know if that’s true or not. It’s not hard to understand how she may be on to a better result based upon three-dimensional geospatial information, demographic and economic data, and other variables. The site gives more information.


Considering what we’ve learned over the past few years I find it Very suspicious when it has come to this.

“…she was charged in U.S. District Court with two felonies—one involving falsified information on an annual certification required for an ongoing $40,000 National Science Foundation grant, and the other accusing her of lying to a federal agent who was investigating the falsified information…”.

LYING TO A FEDERAL AGENT. OH WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT BEFORE. That, By Itself, has me doubting it. You can’t even trust when This happens.

“Lee pleaded guilty on both counts and is awaiting a decision in the case by a judge on May 21.”

Oh, she Plead Guilty. Surely NO ONE would “plead guilty” if they done nothing wrong. Enter General Flynn.