Fauci says teachers should be ordered to vaccinate


Chief bureaucrat health adviser to the White House Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday he supports vaccine mandates for all teachers. There isn’t a mandate he ever disliked.

“I’m going to upset some people on this, but I think we should,” Fauci said during an MSNBC interview in answer to a question about requiring teachers to be vaccinated.

“I mean, we are in a critical situation now,” he said. “We’ve had 615,000-plus deaths, and we are in a major surge now as we’re going into the fall, into the school season. This is very serious business.”

At least he’s consistently tyrannical. However, if the teachers’ union is demanding children be masked, maybe the teachers should get the vaccine.

Just to be clear, the Sentinel does not support any government entity forcing Americans to inject experimental drugs into their system. If they can do that, what can’t they do. Corporations working in unison and in compliance with the government are also a problem.

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