FB Whistleblower comes forward with docs on vaccine hesitancy censorship


A Facebook whistleblower has come forward with leaked documents that expose the tech giant’s plans to censor content showing COVID-19 “vaccine hesitancy.”

Whistleblower Morgan Kahmann, a former data center technician for Facebook, revealed his identity in an interview on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” This is after first coming forward to the investigative journalism non-profit Project Veritas with the internal documents.

He says the company’s documents detail a plan to curb “vaccine hesitancy” on a global scale.

Kahmann says he has since been suspended by the company for coming forward.


He told Carlson on Thursday night that content the company deems to show hesitancy toward COVID-19 vaccines is flagged by its algorithms. They are assigned a “score” to determine whether it should be removed.

“Anything that questions the vaccine or the narrative regarding the vaccine, which is, you know, everyone should get the vaccine and the vaccine is good and you’re not going to get many bad side effects, anything outside of that realm is basically considered under ‘vaccine hesitancy’ by Facebook’s algorithms,” Kahmann said.

“They’re afraid of what people might conclude if they see that other people are having negative side effects. They think that this is going to drive up vaccine hesitancy among the population and they see that as something that they have to combat.”

Kahmann said that he decided to come forward because he “wouldn’t be able to live with myself” after seeing the documents that outline what appears to be a censorship campaign by Facebook.

“My moral compass says that is not the right thing to do because basically, the users at Facebook are not aware that this is going on, and if you’re using Facebook or a social platform and they’re censoring the content of your comments unbeknownst to you, I think that’s highly immoral,” he said.

“I believe that any consequences that are bestowed onto me by Facebook as a result of this leak and these documents that I leaked to Project Veritas—I think that all of these consequences don’t really weigh much when it comes to having to live with myself,” Kahmann said. “I saw these documents and I had the opportunity to, you know, show the public this and what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Will our politicians finally do something about this truly unAmerican censorship?


Mr. Kahmann’s comments are backed up by an incident this week with Candace Owens. Facebook just took down Candace Owen’s post even though it was accurate.

Facebook admitted everything she said was factual and truthful but they didn’t like the context. The post was about pregnant women getting the vaccine.

Perhaps this is why they admitted to Candace that her post was truthful but they didn’t like it. They are once again moving the goalposts, pretending they are not censoring deceptively.

He will pay a price for being so ethical, and that is the shame of it.


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