Trudeau Pushes a Brutal Capital Gains Tax on Canadians


Canadian individuals and businesses will pay tax on two-thirds of gains over C$250,000. The government doesn’t have any right to steal Canadians’ earnings, but it will. This is similar to what Joe Biden plans to do in the United States. These leaders are communists.

Trudeau called for a vote, and the bill was passed.

“It’s incredible that during a housing shortage [the prime minister] wants to tax home builders; during a health care shortage, he wants to tax away our doctors; during a food price crisis, he wants to tax our farmers, and while our economy is shrinking more than any other economy in the G7, he wants to tax our small business job creators,” Poilievre declared.

“Mr. Speaker, isn’t this the definition of insanity?”

It affects all kinds of Canadians.

Here is one of the many Canadians who will pay the price to a government that will waste their money.

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