FBI kneels in support of the radical left or they did it to save lives


FBI officials took a knee to declare their woke allegiance with the protesting mobs. Conservative Treehouse caught this. They are taking a knee in support of the radical left Black Lives Matter who have openly accepted Antifa and other radical groups.

The FBI is weaponized as we know. Many believe they are wholly corrupt. This past week, former Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein admitted he knew President Trump was innocent of collusion in August 2017. Yet, he allowed the Mueller probe to continue the fishing expedition.

The media is so corrupt, they buried the story or misreported it. Newsday, here in New York, put it on page 38.

Hillary Clinton’s fraudulent opposition research helped secure a FISA warrant on Carter Page. That gave the corrupt Comey FBI an excuse to spy.

Sara Carter has a different take on why they knelt down:

There are numerous issues with the deployment of FBI special agents to work on crowd control issues. One example occurred several days ago and was recorded in a TikTok video that showed 10-15 FBI Special Agents, patrol the streets in Washington D.C. Those agents were confronted with a much larger group of protestors who asked the special agents to “take a knee.”

The FBI special agents did just that. All of them.

Without knowing what the Special Agents were thinking, their personal belief system, nor their political opinions, what option did they have but to take a knee, said a source familiar with the incident.

“It is unlikely that they would have incited violence had they not kneeled – but they did not know that for sure.  And, were they willing to risk their lives, and the lives of those protestors who could have been injured or killed if violence escalated,” questioned a retired senior FBI agent who spoke to this reporter.

No matter the case, it’s disgusting. These radicals want to tear down our country because they hate it.

@sonnywithnochancesTHE FBI KNEELED WITH US IN DC!!!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ##blacklivesmatter ##blm ##georgefloyd♬ original sound – sonnywithnochances

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