Kamala Harris could be your president, her platform should terrify you


Kamala Harris is now a top pick of progressives. If Biden wins and she’s the running mate, it is very likely she would finish his term. She would also finish the USA at the same time.

“Criminal justice reformers say she’s neutralized a major liability — her past as a prosecutor — and it comes as Biden prepares to name his VP,” Politico reports.

There was what many thought to be insurmountable criticism against her. Namely, Harris allegedly imprisoned black youth for minor crimes and for long periods when she served as California Attorney General. The same people, professors, and media who condemned her for it months ago now say it’s a “net-neutral” for her. She neutralized the criticism.

Harris worked on her image for months. And when George Floyd was killed, she took to cable news calling for police reform. She also adopted the far-left platform.

“Harris’ increasing comfort with leading on justice issues — and success at persuading progressive advocates that her efforts are sincere — might well have happened whether or not she was in the running to become Joe Biden’s running mate. And it’s possible that her law enforcement record will reemerge as a problem once the spotlight on Biden’s VP list intensifies,” Politico states.


Shaun King says her defense of George Floyd was one of the best and he was one of her harshest critics.

“It made me much more comfortable with her as a potential VP pick,” King said.

Harris has been “in regular contact with leading activists and policymakers.”

She was one of the first to march with the radicals.

A draft of sweeping legislation by Harris and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) would ban chokeholds, limit “qualified immunity” for police officers, create a national misconduct registry, and end uses of no-knock warrants in drug cases.

Harris is now a top pick.

The radical Color of Change also supports her.

Asked whether Harris is one of those officials, Color of Change President Rashad Robinson suggested she was on her way.

“I know she is willing to be in that conversation,” he said last week, before abruptly excusing himself to take a call from the senator’s office.

If Joe Biden wins, he won’t last long in the position, and the running mate will be president. It is very likely that his VP will finish out his term.


Harris has strong far-left creds she developed only in the last few years. She called for silencing the President, supports open borders, she is very supportive of anti-Semitic race-baiter Al Sharpton, believes in unending reparations, believes in to the moment-of-birth, unfettered abortion, she has a far-left gender wage-gap plan, pushes free everything for all people here illegally, she has called for children under 16 years of age to vote and believes the Boston Bomber should be allowed to vote, she wants all federal taxpayers to pay for raises for all public school teachers, hopes to disband the Electoral College, fully supports the insane Green New Deal, plans to ban semi-automatic guns, has said ICE is the KKK, plans to make taxpayers pay other peoples’ rent, and she wants Universal Basic Income and free cash to her select groups.

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