FBI SWAT Teams, Chopper Hunt for a Jan. 6 Pepper Sprayer


This latest FBI action is completely insane. A large force of armed agents are hunting a Jan. 6 protester who ran off when they tried to arrest him. His crime is shooting off pepper spray in the direction of police and protesters.

He’s a former National Guardsman and does not have a police record. He ran into the New Jersey woods, and tactical teams with dogs, and a chopper are trying to find him. They’re searching backyards, sheds, and homes for the pepper sprayer, Gregory Yetman. They set off flashbang grenades as part of the search.

SWAT and police are on the hunt, for the man labeled as suspect #278 AFO. AFO stands for “Assault on a Federal Officer.”

He’ll probably get a very long sentence for it because our justice system is Soviet, and only Republicans get arrested. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, crazed Islamists can go unpunished.

NBC Report:

The search for the man, identified as Gregory Yetman, was ongoing near the Middlesex County town of Helmetta, according to the FBI. Tactical teams could be seen in the backyard of homes, as Chopper 4 showed law enforcement searching one property and a shed. The heavily armed teams set off flashbang grenades as part of the search, with the loud bangs echoing throughout the neighborhood.

It was not immediately clear what specific charges Yetman was facing, or how long police had been looking for him, but they confirmed that no arrest had been made as of Wednesday evening. Law enforcement intended to stay in the area until he was caught.

When FBI agents went to approach a house Wednesday morning near Helmetta to try to make the arrest, Yetman apparently saw them coming and ran away, a senior law enforcement official told NBC New York.

Yetman served as a sergeant in the New Jersey National Guard until March 2022.

Helmetta Mayor Chris Slavicek said the law enforcement activity and search was “not the normal and absolutely unsettling.” The mayor added that law enforcement’s goal was to “detain this gentleman today.”

Officers were also seen removing boxes from a home and searched a car.

Schools in Helmetta were already closed for a scheduled day off Wednesday, but nearby schools in nearby Jamesburg held classes. No lockdown to stay indoors was put in place in the area. Slavicek said the suspect is “no stranger to this community” but also “isn’t out to harm any of the residents.”

It’s time to get your copy of Dinesh D’Souza’s Police State. I think we’re there. We’ve reached a new level of crazy under the Democrat administration.

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