FDA Approves 4th Dose Without Experts and With No Hospitalization Data


The FDA has eliminated the voting process of a panel of experts to approve the 4th dose of COVID vaccines for people 50 years and over. Dr. Marty Makary is one of the few doctors publicizing this corruption. He did so in a series of tweets.

There is no data indicating that 4th doses reduce hospitalization risk. There is no data indicating the 3rd dose reduces hospitalization risks in the young. But there is strong opposition from their own FDA experts. So, the FDA canceled the vote.

The editor of the New England Journal, who sits on VRBPAC, has said he “hadn’t yet seen enough data on fourth doses to make a determination about whether they are needed for anyone beyond those who are already recommended to get them — adults who are severely immune deficient.”

If you will remember, an undercover Project Veritas video caught a Pfizer executive explaining that they pay off people. They lobby for approval and get the nod beforehand. According to the executive, there will be annual shot, and boosters for everyone. He even admitted they don’t have the data on the toddlers. (see the video below)

Dr. Vinay Prasad wrote in City-Journal, “If the FDA moves forward on authorizing either product, it will cement a dangerous precedent: inadequate evidence being used to justify widespread vaccination for years to come.” As he explained, mandates are sure to follow.

The doctor added, “No matter how many doses the FDA approves, vaccination will never halt transmission. We will all eventually get a breakthrough infection. Ideally, we should meet the virus on the best of terms, having addressed underlying health problems and received primary vaccination.”

The Tweets


This is not following the science.

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