FDA Now Wants to Radically Control Salt


These government control freaks are out of control. Now they want to control the amount of salt in our food.

The FDA is giving the nation’s food suppliers 2 and-a-half years to reduce the sale content by 12%, and that’s only the beginning.

“What we’d like to see is the food industry gradually lower the sodium content,” Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock told NBC News, targeting conventionally purchased foods and groceries — namely, processed and prepackaged foods, such as condiments, snacks and frozen dinners, as well as dishes from chain restaurants.

Salt is needed as a preservative and to improve the taste of food.

The current Dietary Guidelines for Americans calls for adults to consume no more than 2,300 milligrams, or about one teaspoon, of sodium per day — well below the national daily average of about 3,400 milligrams of sodium.

The problem is they aren’t guidelines any more if the government is going to control the amount of salt private businesses are allowed to use.

Physicians disagree on whether this is necessary but once control freaks have power, the only thing that can stop them is the American people.

The Left will control everything and nothing will ever be enough.

The one thing that is certain is it will cost us!


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11 months ago

O/T-Reading about the glorious peoples republic of Seattlestan banning Halloween in the same neighborhood with the 16 foot Vlad Lenin statue!
This is an unwoke crime against pagans and undocumented free candy reparations comrades.
Someone must petition the DOJ immediately to reinstate the glorious comrade’s holiday.
Paying for waist expanding tooth rotting artificial food known as candy is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy.

The Original 8 O' Clock at Eight
The Original 8 O' Clock at Eight
11 months ago

I take everything they do with a pinch of salt.
There once was a control freak in Germany with delusions of controlling everything, it ended up in a dank fetid bunker surrounded on all sides by the untermenschen from the steppes.

11 months ago

As my Grandfather used to say in the 1960’s, “America didn’t have a drug problem until there was an FDA”. “We also didn’t have a Alcohol Problem until the Congress taxed Whisky at something like 25% and caused the Whiskey Rebellion”. We need to go back to the days of excise taxes only and land taxes only when income is derived from the use of the land. All other taxes should be for basic services rendered by Government. I have no problem with road taxes, garbage taxes, etc. I do have a real problem with school taxes because we don’t get what we pay for. Taxes, regulations, and transfer of wealth should not be used by the Government to try and change The People’s behavior. It should be The People telling Government what to do! If The People want less salt, they will buy products with less salt. Low salt and even no salt food products are readily available.

11 months ago

Big Brother Knows What’s Best For You! If yo have not watched the Ivermectin Expose on OAN you need to watch it and forward a link to everyone you know. Big Brother has murdered 100,000s of thousands of your fellow Americans and maybe millions world-wide with its deliberate sabotage of an effective treatment for the CCP Virus.