Fearless Lara Logan on Ukraine, NAZIs, CIA, UN


Podcasters of Flyover Conservatives David and Stacy Whited interviewed Lara Logan on a number of wide-ranging issues, including Ukraine. She speaks her mind fearlessly knowing that people will harshly criticize her for it.

Russia has a large nuclear arsenal and the delivery system to use it, she notes, and she believes that Putin’s warnings are because he doesn’t want a nuclear war.

Putin’s warning against nuclear war as Biden and Blinken are continually poking the bear, Lara Logan says. Democrats and Republicans are speaking with one voice and when they agree with this much enthusiasm, it’s a huge red flag.

She says there is more we don’t know than do know.

Logan discussed the traps set for us. We can’t talk about the border or we are racists. Defunding the police is George Floyd and so on, and we’re white supremacists. We can’t talk about Critical Race Theory and not being ashamed of the color of our skin without being called a domestic terrorist. These are tactics to keep us divided and it’s by design. Always look for the trap.

In terms of the war, we are not allowed to question the narrative that Putin is evil and Ukraine is good. If you do, then you don’t care about the suffering of the Ukrainian people. That’s nonsense, says Logan. She believes someone wants nuclear war.

She doesn’t support Putin but she doesn’t believe Putin wants a nuclear war. Rather, he is opposed to NATO expanding and violating agreements.

Logan states that the West and the UN don’t believe in sovereignty.  They talk about flooding the nations with drugs due to open borders. There are talks of global tax, global rule. If you notice it, you’re a loon or a conspiracy theorist.

As we watch the theater of Zelensky, a former actor, we must think beyond sympathies and consider the repercussions. She spoke about the man Biden appointed to run nuclear waste who goes to work in high heels and believes in puppy play. Logan questions the sanity of people like that and wonders if drugs are involved.

Logan’s sources claim Putin now has control of 11 of the Bio Labs and what he wants are the personnel who run them so when Putin goes to The Hague, he has the proof. If there are people willing to send bioweapons around the world, we need to know. She said the Bio Labs are the structures to make this type of uncontrollable war happen.

Ukraine, she said, is a money-laundering center. Why do we have so much involvement in a country most Americans can’t pick off a map? she asks.

Why must we take down statues — because erasing history is important to make the lies believable. History holds the answers and they don’t want us to know the answers.

Logan discussed the banned documentary, Ukraine on Fire, by Oliver Stone and the Nazi history with the hosts.

She reviewed the ties of corrupt people who could lead us into famine. These people are funding the fascists and the colored revolution at the same time — they’re on both sides of the fence so they can’t lose.

Logan explored the NGOs and the same wealthy people who fund all of these hard-left organizations that are changing our nation and the world.


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