Federal Government Is Threatening, Fining, Harassing Amish Farmers


Samuel Girod is a farmer of the “Old Order Amish community,” a father of twelve, and a grandfather of twenty-five in Bath County, Kentucky.

Ricochet reported in 2017 that the 57-year-old Girod was sentenced to six years in the federal pen for mislabeling herbal remedies.

One woman complained.

The farmer first attracted the government’s attention for selling homemade herbal remedies.

The Amish community doesn’t take government subsidies and wants to be left alone. The government will not leave them alone.

In 2010, Amish farmer Vernon Hershberger attempted to sell his raw milk as part of a private club. He was arrested – you know how dangerous those Amish are.

In May 2013, he had his day in court. Herschberger was charged with multiple licensing violations and violating a hold order that state officials placed on his products after they raided his farm in June 2010.

The jury vindicated Hershberger — for the most part — when it acquitted him on three of the four charges. He was found guilty of violating the hold order and continuing operations after the raid. Hershberger was sentenced to pay a $1,500 fine and no jail time. He has appealed the lone conviction.

In February 2012, an Amish man, Dan Allgyer, was forced to close his rural Pennsylvania business after a federal judge sided with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and ruled that he violated federal law by shipping raw milk across state lines.

Miller’s Organic Farm

The Biden administration recently sent armed federal agents to Miller’s Organic Farm and demanded the farm cease its operations immediately. The authorities also ordered $300,000 in fines, an amount enough to put the small, family-owned farm out of business.

The family is raising crops and cattle the natural way. For that, the Feds want to destroy his farm.

Mr. Amos Miller, an Amish farmer, feeds 4,000 people in his club. The government wants him to do it their way with chemicals and government regulations.

He’s being made into an example by the government. By selling privately, he can avoid the government’s regulations. Amos doesn’t even use fertilizer or gasoline. He’s too successful.

Some believe the government is attacking him because large corporations are buying up farms and taking over. They can’t let him survive.

Watch the clips:

Visit www.LeaveThemAlone.com to sign the petition in support of Amos and Miller’s Organic Farm.


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Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok
7 months ago

This is why the founders created the 2nd amendment and put is as high on the list as they did. The democratic/socialist/communist left is doing everything it can to create division and hatred along with doing everything possible to destroy everything that America was founded on in hopes of mass uprisings or a civil war.

Last edited 7 months ago by Ragnar Lothbrok
7 months ago

Civil War will suck, but Democrats will make for a target rich environment. I say we must hunt Liberals to extinction before they hunt us to extinction. America needs Innovators and Producers, not Liberals who are just users and consumers. Senator Joseph McCarthy held hearings on the Liberal Communist Democrats in the 1950s. We should have crushed the Communist when they took to the Street in the 1960s – but we didn’t. We have tolerated Liberals for too long! They may destroy America if we don’t act now and decisively. VOTE!

Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
7 months ago

Won’t be long before they start fining him over cow farts. THIS is exactly the type of government our founders warned us about. That’s why they left and came here in the first place.

7 months ago

This “WREAKS” of the democrat party.

7 months ago

Liberals aren’t Happy unless they are running your life. I’m Happy when God intervenes and a Liberal dies and so they stop trying to run peoples lives! I’m still trying to understand why God created Liberals. It must be some kind of test.