Federal Gun Confiscation Bill on GOP Senate Agenda!

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has announced that the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a full hearing and vote on a radical new gun confiscation bill. Using a hate crime halfway across the earth as an excuse, the GOP has decided to compromise on a radical gun confiscation legislation that Democrats have put forward.

Red Flag laws for the entire nation are on the table, and perhaps worse, and most Republicans support it.


Without any evidence of a crime, a neighbor, relative, someone, nearly anyone, can flag a gun owner under red flag laws. It allows the police to raid the person’s house and take their guns. After this happens, it is very difficult and expensive to get one’s rights and guns back. This law deprives the gun owner of his/her due process and the person is targeted as guilty until proven innocent, all the onus to prove innocence is on the “guilty” person.

It’s wholly unAmerican.

Once these laws are in, Democrats can build on them to take our guns away. The hard work will have been done.

We will end up like Venezuela when one considers the fascists and anti-Semites we now have in control of the Democrat Party and the weak-kneed opposition party.

Our elite rulers can use the law to say the government thinks anyone, everyone, is too dangerous to have a gun, and they won’t have to prove a thing. It’s a setup, a Trojan Horse.

Republicans plan to pass a RED FLAG LAW for the entire country!!! The President said he will sign it, and we must let these people know it’s not acceptable. Don’t be lazy, call your representative.


Democrats also plan to outlaw private sales and transfers of weapons, creating a nationwide federal registry of gun owners in the process (H.R. 8).

They want to give the FBI the power to arbitrarily block gun sale background checks for weeks on end (H.R. 1112).

The Leftists are now pushing for mandatory background checks on all ammunition sales. Even if you went in to buy a single box of ammunition, you would have to pay for a background check that costs two-times the ammunition itself. This new tax on gun ownership was just introduced this week (Jamie’s Law).

Dianne Feinstein still wants to implement the largest gun ban ever, banning any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun that has a grip you can hold in your hand (S. 66).

The left will not stop until there is nothing left of the Second Amendment.


Our politicians are all falling in line. They now think they can do anything they want to us. Let them know that is not the case.

Even the New Zealand Attorney General is walking back their plan to ban semi-automatics in the wake of the mass shooting of innocent mosque-goers by a lunatic socialist, white supremacist. But not us! Not Americans, once the bastion of freedom casting its beacon of liberty throughout the world.

The Republicans aren’t fighting this. Instead, they will find common ground. There is no common ground on ANY of these proposals — NONE.

The “compromise,” according to Conservative Daily, is Senate Bill 7, the Extreme Risk Protection Act and Violence Prevention Act. That is a gun confiscation bill/red flag bill. They confiscate guns here in New York fairly frequently and they’ve only just begun.

Instead of fighting for your rights, the GOP is going to rubber-stamp this radical gun confiscation bill!

Stop the Dems and GOP traitors from gutting the 2nd Amendment! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this new gun control package!

Guns don’t kill, people use guns and a whole host of other implements to kill. This is fake outrage!

Short version:

Long version, well worth listening to–he talks about PC and common sense, gives great advice:


  1. Is that why PBS aired a program a few weeks ago demonstrating how to slit a person’s throat from behind? If no guns, they figure knives will be the thing for their thug party…

  2. ‘Truth…is… Stranger than Fiction’. If this promulgates to success, this will become like the fictional novel, “A Tale of Two Cities”. Watch for the knitting needles !

  3. Brendan Tarrant’s manifesto can be read here:https://milnenews.com/2019/03/15/christchurch-mosque-shooter-brenton-tarrants-full-manifesto/ He know his horrific act would be seized upon to cause he confiscation of guns in the USA.This is his plan and trap. Tarrant writes this will cause an explosion in the already fractured body politic and lead to civil war and the Balkanization of the USA. Read his words yourself. Those who are using his actions are falling for his trap.

  4. Republicans are actually undocumented democrats. Personally, I believe their agenda is to lose the senate, as the majority of them are trump haters, which will take much power away from trump, and then they blame the democrats for any anti American bills that get passed

    Here is who the republicans really are.

    The ‘difference’ between the two main political parties is…not a hell of a lot!

    Keep in mind that both parties came from one. That one split when there was a disagreement regarding owning Blacks as slaves, The two in the split was with half staying as Democrats trying to keep slavery and the other half becoming the Republican Party fighting to end slavery and freeing the Black slaves.

    I have seen many comments on various posts complaining that the Republican party seems ‘afraid’ or ‘weak’ in their response to the Democrats today. They believe Republicans do not want to confront Democrats when the Democrats have repeatedly broken many laws criminally or politically.

    The reason for the ‘no backbone’ response by the Republicans is they are not really conservatives, at least MOST of them. The majority of the members of the Republican Party are actually infiltrators from the Democrat Party posing as conservatives. John McCain was one such Democrat. He, like his fellow Dems in Red, called themselves as Republicans so to help the Democrat Party keep its control of government over the people of America.

    There are many ‘John McCains’ in the Republican Party that do not believe in conservatism. They believe that government should have more control in Americans’ lives. Erode the power of the US Constitution and deprive Americans of their guaranteed Constitutional rights.All you have to do is look at the voting records of our people in government. There the truth really shines out to a blinding light that forces you to become aware of how the politicians believe.

    True Americans must be vigilant enough to rid our government of not only Democrats that are known as Democrats, but also those Democrats dressed in Republican clothing. When we, the voters, go to cast our votes, we must try to know the candidates as much as we possibly can. Track a candidate’s record in relating to policy making. Know how they side with legislation. To blindly vote for someone because he calls him/herself one particular type of candidate without actually understanding that candidate’s trend in beliefs, is a vote cast in a darkness that will never brighten.

    • Years ago I would have labeled you a nutjob who is spreading conspiracy theories………….today?……not so much; you are probably right and if so, this Country is in big trouble!

      • Lol Years ago, I would have labeled me a nutjob. I was a Democrat. The other side has gone insane. I only know through research. Do your own and you will decide.

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