Federal judge says it’s racist to make repeat illegal crossings a felony


A federal Obama judge claims it’s unconstitutional to make crossing the border illegally twice a felony. The judge is known for writing her own laws from the bench.

In a court ruling with potentially broad implications for U.S. immigration cases, a federal judge in Nevada said the 1929 law that makes it a felony for a person who has been deported to return to the United States is unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Miranda Du in Reno, in an order issued Wednesday, found the law widely known as Section 1326 is based on “racist, nativist roots” and discriminates against Mexican and Latinx people in violation of the equal protection clause of the Fifth Amendment.

In other words, anyone in the world can come twice or more and it’s not a crime.

Julian Castro, secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Biden Administration and son of communist racist LaRaza Rosie, tweeted that he doubted the Justice Department would want to defend a law with “an incredibly racist history.”

Du, a Vietnamese immigrant, was nominated to the federal bench by President Barack Obama and sworn in in 2012.

She said the law weighs more heavily on Mexicans and Latinx (the new phony term from the left). Of course, it does because they are the ones who mostly break it.

“The government argues that the stated impact is ‘a product of geography, not discrimination,’ and that the statistics are rather a feature of Mexico’s proximity to the United States, the history of Mexican employment patterns, and the socio-political and economic factors that drive migration,” Du wrote. “The court is not persuaded.”

That’s insane logic.


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