Federal Taxpayers to Fund Free Housing Welfare Program


The Federal taxpayer will start paying off people’s rent in two states starting this year under a new $1.5 billion Medicaid pilot program. It will become permanent. It’s one more communistic welfare benefit to transfer wealth.

The number of homeless Americans hit a record high in 2023. Instead of doing something to deal with the root causes (drugs, mental illness, and illegal status), they plan to throw money at it in a program that is going bust and was only meant for the elderly and handicapped.

Medicaid is attached to Social Security.

Portland homeless encampment

We already have 80 million Americans enrolled in government taxpayers’ Medicaid program.

The first two states to roll out the program this fall, Arizona and Oregon, will cover people who are homeless, almost homeless, and/or mentally ill.

The US will have to borrow the money from China for this. They will gladly loan it as they watch us spend ourselves into oblivion.

Bidenistas want to reclassify homelessness as a healthcare issue and make us all pay for it. That will encourage fraud.

The rental assistance will come in several forms, including a one-time payment to help cover a security deposit or to pay for rent and utilities for up to six months.

Additionally, the states can spend the money on their own crazy left-wing initiatives that don’t work. Will this ban illegal aliens?

Many states will qualify after the pilot program ends. We must be rolling in dough. The Left never learns from its mistakes; it just makes the rest of us pay for them.

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