Feds Tapped WH-Cohen Lines, Are Destroying Anyone Tied to Trump


UPDATE: 5:00p.m. EST: NBC had to take the story back. The Feds didn’t wiretap after all. They kept phone and text logs — no content.

NBC Changes Wiretapping Story to Trump’s Lawyer Called the WH



The Mueller probe is about destroying Donald Trump, anyone tied to him, and any Republican who doesn’t fall in line. That can be proven. We learned today that federal investigators tapped Michael Cohen’s phones. Cohen is, of course, Trump’s personal attorney.

The Feds tapped calls with the President for weeks — at least. Perhaps trollop Stormy was the excuse for doing it. Whatever the case, if you think attorney-client privilege was destroyed when they raided Cohen’s home, office and hotel, you now know it has been completely destroyed. At least one phone line was connected to the White House.

This went on during the campaign and they got away with it.

Via NBC News:

Federal investigators have wiretapped the phone lines of Michael Cohen, the longtime personal lawyer for President Donald Trump who is under investigation for a payment he made to an adult film star who alleged she had an affair with Trump, according to two people with knowledge of the legal proceedings involving Cohen.

It is not clear how long the wiretap has been authorized, but NBC News has learned it was in place in the weeks leading up to the raids on Cohen’s offices, hotel room, and home in early April, according to one person with direct knowledge.

At least one phone call between a phone line associated with Cohen and the White House was intercepted, the person said.


They will destroy anyone tied to Trump.

Michael Caputo was simply a Trump campaign aide in New York and was again interviewed on Wednesday about collusion. Mr. Caputo is not a target but even so he has been financially and emotionally destroyed by this probe.

His family has been trashed and they are receiving death threats.

Caputo has been warned away from talking about the investigation by the Mueller team.

Every time he gets called back to D.C. for this bogus investigation, it costs him $25,000. He will never again work for another Republican campaign — not ever again.

Caputo said detruction is what this is about. They want to destroy the President, his family, his businesses so no billionaire ever again tries to run for office as a Republican.


Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen warned on Wednesday that members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle will end up “sullied” like former White House physician Adm. Ronny Jackson — if they stick with the president for long.

Ronny Jackson was the Presiden’t choice to head up the VA and his record was unblemished. He was trashed with lies. Even the mainstream media reported they were lies.

via The Daily Caller:

In an appearance on CNN Wednesday, Cohen predicted Emmet Flood, a veteran lawyer who joined President Trump’s legal team on Wednesday, won’t last long. Cohen pointed to the short tenures of two former lawyers among Trump’s legal advisers, John Dowd and Ty Cobb.

“Nobody can stay around Donald Trump long who has a conscience and who has character and who believes in ethics. I think that’s probably why Dowd left; that’s why Ty Cobb left, and that’s why Mr. Flood’s time is limited,” Cohen said in an appearance on CNN.

That is a warning. It is a warning to all Republicans to stay away and never again mess with the establishment — the swamp. Cohen tried to make it about character and morals, but that isn’t what is going on. He is telling all Republicans they will end up like Ronny Jackson.


Everyone is talking about Rudy Giuliani’s interview with Sean Hannity last night but not for the right issue. The issue is the basis for the Mueller probe is DEAD.

Rudy let it out that Trump reimbursed lawyer Michael Cohen for the Stormy hush payment and no campaign funds were used. The former mayor said on Fox & Friends this morning that the President only found out within the last couple weeks.

Stormy the trollop was meant to be the October surprise. She was also supposed to take the President down for a campaign finance violation but that is likely off the table. In any case, it is not the main point Rudy was making both yesterday and today.

Stormy is not the issue.

Rudy spent much of the interview going after James Comey. Why would he do that? The reason is because Comey is the one who manipulated the situation to get Robert Mueller appointed as special counsel to investigate collusion and obstruction of justice charges. Some are also suggesting that the imminent report from the Inspector General will come out against Comey, and if Comey goes down, the probe is on even shakier ground. There is no legitimate basis for the probe.

Rudy said:

“We would be inclined to do it,” Giuliani said of a potential interview, which could touch on Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. “But if we came to conclusion they have already made up their mind and Comey is telling the truth — that is a joke, Comey hasn’t told the truth in years — then we would just be leading him into the lion’s den.”

The Trump legal team with the hiring of Emmet Flood is on a war footing. Flood has experience with major criminal probes and white collar crime. Lead attorney Jay Sekulow is a constitutional expert. The Raskins have been added to the team and are experienced with both and have a big law firm as does Flood. It’s a team of warriors.

The response to that from the swamp is a warning from the Democrats — they will destroy anyone helping Trump and his team.


As a bit of a digression, perhaps you haven’t heard this, there is no evidence in Paul Manafort’s case of any communications with Russians. That came from Manafort’s lawyers and from Mueller’s team itself.

Then what is the legal basis to probe Manafort? It was supposed to be about Russia collusion and obstruction. The leaks from the investigation have led Americans to think the opposite. The deception is all meant to terrorize Republicans and the Trump team. It’s meant to taint any future jury pools.



  1. Whoever approved the tap on the lawyer, Cohen’s phone needs to be arrested immediately and if it was a left winged judge then he/she needs to be impeached immediately. The “federal Judge” who approved of the midnight storming of the residence of lawyer Cohen is just a left winged prop.This has nothing to do with which party, Dem or Repub is on which side, this is a tearing down of the Constitution., ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    God Damn Rosenstain & his bunch of so called “lawyers” . BIG BROTHER IS HERE AND HIS NAME IS OSAMA OBAMA. Obama sent AUTOMATIC WEAPONS TO THE DRUG CARTELS & WANTS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR WEAPONS OF SELF DEFENSE………….What does that tell you or are you really that stupid, folks. IS YOUR PHONE TAPPED BY ROSENSTAIN & HIS WIFE, HILLARY’S LAWYER??
    Hillary Bribed the Deputy Director of the FBI & she bribed the Director of the FBI……How far do you want this witch to go in taking over all of your rights? When will justice be served? The FBI and the DOJ have become tools of one political party. WHY?

    • I want to focus on the present villains. This was the DOJ that went after Cohen, not Mueller, so Sessions is in charge. Sessions is spying on Trump. Sessions created Rosenstein. Sessions is one of the biggest betrayers in US history. Conservatives like to blame RR for everything.

  2. Since we have learned Trump was “wiretapped” AGAIN, I suspect this entire Cohen affair was an elaborate “ruse” for that purpose alone. This could be why the questions released are as they are. It does appear that virtually EVERYTHING that Mueller is involved with is based upon the most flimsy of details imaginable.

    I really believe, now, that Republicans want to lose the House and therefore Impeachment proceedings can begin without them being blamed for it. Just as it was with Obamacare and everything else, they desperately “need” some kind, any kind of excuse to shift the blame to others. Let’s not forget the public uprising that began with the “Tea Party” and incumbent Republicans reaction to their own constituents.

    Also, let’s not forget WHO controls the money in D.C. Things are getting done by Trump without the input from K Street who pay those in office. If this keeps up they will be so marginalized to be ineffectual. Thus, their money will mean nothing. As one candidate spoke out about, as soon as you are indoctrinated to Congress you are instructed immediately on who, how, and where to start calling for donations, and the majority of your time is spent doing just that. If not, YOU will be marginalized. Therefore, Trump’s effectiveness as a leader is interfering in their livelihood and that cannot stand. But, in their doing this, will cause such unintended consequences they can never imagine.

  3. All those who are using the Comey firing as possible obstruction of justice on the part of Trump should also consider other actors. It had been reported that Trump “went to” Rosenstein and “then” Rosenstein wrote his scathing rebuke of Comey in sanctioning his firing. Well, if one then the other. Rosentein should be viewed as a “co-conspirator” with Trump in obstruction.

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