Feds Target Trump & Supporters, But Offer Deal to Lawyers Who Torched NYPD Van


One of the most widely covered stories of this past week was Donald Trump being forced to turn over 8 years of taxes to New York DA Sy Vance.  That drop included millions of pages of documents.

In a city that’s suffered historic rises in street crime, and where some 90% of those arrested on gun charges have been released, we’re wondering how many work hours Vance’s office is willing to spend scouring those pages, in an effort to “get” the former president.

Meanwhile, little attention is being been paid to what’s happening to those arrested for breaching the Capitol Building.  Intrepid NY Post columnist Miranda Devine has done some digging and found, even after 7 weeks, “almost everyone arrested around the country remains in jail over the riot, even if they committed no violence, have no criminal record, have stable jobs, are retirees or a mother and son duo.”  She claims, “The aim is to bankrupt and destroy Trump supporters, most of whom can’t afford the legal fees.

Ms. Devine compares this treatment to how BLM-Antifa rioters and looters were treated last summer.

After DC mayhem in June, almost everyone charged with felony rioting was released from jail and later had the charge dropped.

In Portland, charges were broomed for 90 percent of rioters arrested in September’s anti-cop violence. One 23-year-old charged with attempted murder, arson, possession of a destructive device, and rioting was freed on a $1,000 bond.

And circling back to New York City, more than 400 rioters and looters were sprung without bail and had charges dismissed.

One of the most dangerous acts during the NYC riots was committed by two lawyers, Urooj Rahman and Colinford Mattis. They were charged with torching an empty NYPD van during a Black Lives Matter protest in Brooklyn last summer.  The pair faced life behind bars when they were indicted on charges including arson, conspiracy, and use of explosives.

Rahman allegedly tossed a Molotov cocktail at the vehicle and Mattis acted as the wheelman and drove off after the van ignited.   Prosecutors said in a detention memo at the time that they were trying to pass out Molotov cocktails to protesters at the demonstration.

It’s now been learned that Princeton, NYU graduate Mattis and Fordham School of Law alumna Rahman have, while out on bail, been ever so quietly, offered a plea deal from the feds.

Is there anyone willing to bet these two explosive making, bomb tossing “domestic terrorists” will do serious time?  We’ll give 2 to 1 they’ll be back on the street before Vance is half-way through harassing “The Donald”; and while some non-violent Capitol intruders remain behind bars.



  1. Conquered without a shot as part of the long march.
    A dumbed down distracted drooling dullard population doesn’t care and can’t cope with reality anyway.
    Free EBT cards that work at the drug dispensary coming soon.
    The glorious people’s republic of New Jersey will now have pot shops.
    Maybe the cartels can horn in on the action and with CA legalizing mushrooms and psychedelics it won’t be long before we have opium/heroin dens for people to escape from the golden socialist utopia.
    Iran, China, Russia, Mexican cartels run the show now.
    Soft weakness and total corruption are always exploited by stronger forces.
    Nature abhors any vacuum and a society that is offended by the gender of a toy potato is already fundamentally destroyed with no future prospect besides subjugation.
    Try and find a sanctuary and be ready for battle.

  2. How much more evidence do we need to demonstrate the Rule of Law is dead in the USA. The ChiCom agents/demons masqueradng as Democrats make up the rules as they wish and thier puppet judges ignore them.

  3. This is why I no longer want to hear conservatives say how “great” this country is. So long as this continues, and every indication is it will, this country cannot be considered great, not even close. It’s corrupt, up and down the spectrum. The Trump administration has shown, and proved, to everyone, how pathetic and disgusting the entire system is. The posted article is the concrete proof of that.

    A day or so afterwards I heard Jay Sekulow, whom I ‘had’ admired, go on a rant how “disgusting” it was that some peasant was sitting in the chair of the Senate President, the same room where he defended the President. To hell with all you damn elite scum who think you are above some working class stiff. I’d have to say, after the past few years I have learned to hate and despise this country and I seriously doubt anything will ever change that.

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