Mexico will limit crossings from Guatemala to protect the children


The Mexican government took steps Friday to prevent illegal crossings at its border with Guatemala. This is as the U.S. faces a ballooning crisis of Central American migrants at its southern border.

Mexico’s National Migration Institute, part of the country’s Interior Ministry, announced that various resources, including drones and militarized police, will be deployed to monitor points of entry on its southern border. Restrictions will also be placed on nonessential travel, including tourism, to comply with COVID-19 health guidelines.

The institute claimed the measures are being implemented to protect minors who are crossing the border. At least someone cares about the minors. It sure isn’t the Democrat Party.

The report notes that the travel restrictions will be in place for one month, and are renewable, “based on the recommendations issued by the health authorities.”

The Mexican press release also said they have “identified, based on the interviews made to the adults who accompany these minors, that the supposed ‘guides’ suggest that they travel with them to facilitate their entry into Mexico. and the United States.”

The children are being raped and sex trafficked:

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